Top Challenges Of Running A Sex Doll Brothel

The target market becomes more and more competitive. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new profitable ideas and taking business risks. These days, some people make money on Santa mail, others sell pet rocks and bottled air. All these things are real, by the way.

The sex industry also has a lot of unusual products and services now. Everyone wants to amaze customers so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn about sex doll brothels.

Who would want to pay 100 bucks for having sex with a variety of sex dolls including luxury mini sex dolls?

Well, a lot of people.

You can find sex doll brothels in twelve countries of the world. Most of them are run by sexually open-minded Europeans.

This business idea is so unusual that authorities can’t really decide it if it counts as prostitution or not.

Sex doll brothels attract mostly men who want to try new sensations and live out their wildest sexual fantasies without taking other people’s feelings under consideration.

The sex doll market develops pretty fast. Right now, the industry can offer something better than just inflatable dolls with ugly faces. There are realistic sex robots that can speak and moan. Moreover, some models have a real body temperature (inside of them as well).

It is still hot (by all means) business idea that might attract more entrepreneurs all around the world soon enough.

As you can understand, running a sex doll brothels can be a bit tricky. Here is what you need to consider before starting this business:

The cost

You will have to invest quite a lot into this business since decent sex dolls cost up to 10.000 dollars. The price of a doll mostly depends on her features. If you want to have real sex robots who can hold a conversation, you will have to pay a lot.

However, some models (with fewer features) cost less than $3.000.

A lot of people can’t afford to buy a sex doll, that’s why they would be interested in visiting a sex doll brothel. It makes sense- if you want to watch a movie in virtual reality, you don’t need to buy a VR headset. The same applies to a sex doll.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, consider saving up for one doll for a start. That’s what one entrepreneur from Austria has done a few years ago. Peter Laskaris bought a blond babe for 8.000 euros. To spend an hour with Fanny (a silicone doll), a client will have to pay 100 euros. Austrian entrepreneur says that he’s already made more than 20.000 euros by renting his sex doll in Vienna.

Besides the price of a doll, you should also take into account the cost of renting a place. Most sex doll brothels look like hotels. If you don’t want to invite clients to your house, you will have to rent a flat with at least three rooms.

Other than that, you will also need to buy outfits for the dolls, sex prop, lubricants, sanitizers, etc.

Nothing lasts forever, even sex dolls. You will have to invest in their maintenance every couple of years.


At the moment, selling and renting sex dolls is prohibited only in China. Authorities in Europe, Canada and the United States don’t have anything against this business model.

In 2017, some religious groups in Russia reported about Moscow sex doll brothel to local authorities. However, there was nothing police could do at that time since sex with a doll cannot be defined as prostitution.

If you want to run a sex doll brothel in your city, you should be aware of the fact that regulations might change in the near future. Investing in a business that might become illegal in a few years is a bit risky.

Overall criticism

Funny enough, not only religious activists are protesting against sex doll brothels. Sex workers don’t support the idea either.

A few years ago, there was a huge scandal in Spain. Catalonian prostitutes tried to shut down a sex doll brothel in Barcelona. As they said, the whole concept denigrates real sex workers to be just an object.

These days, there is a massive movement against sex doll production. If you start this business, most probably you will also face a lot of criticism.

Business Promotion

Finding your very first clients can also be tricky. And let’s be honest, not all clients would want to share their experience with their friends. You might not be able to promote your business openly. Even Canadian and German owners keep their brothels hidden from prying eyes.

All you can do is to look for your clients online, invest in Google ads and SEO for your website.

Obviously, some cities and countries are not ready for this innovation. If you want to run this business, consider opening a sex doll brothel in the megapolis.