Cultivating A Rustic Look For Your Bedroom

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as going back to basics, and this also applies in regard to our necessary interior design changes. Sometimes, removing all the pomp and circumstance of certain overblown decorations and going with what works can provide a great new breath of fresh air.

For instance, some people may become tired of the repeated wallpaper motifs and colored lighting, and instead opt for neutral tones and exposed brickwork. Those who might be tired of a large four-poster bed may opt for a more simple, lower, humble bed with a nice simple framed headboard.

There are no right or wrong answers here of course, but if this simplicity is the style you’re going for in order to reduce the mental load of occupying a room, then you might consider the following techniques for achieving exactly that.

Just keep in mind that switching over certain additions and defining your own sense of rustic is the most important outcome:

Exposed Railings

Exposed railings can help you eschew the need for a large, bulky wardrobe unit and instead allows you to make use of the functional space in that area. With a railing for hanging clothes, you can also make a subtle character-filled addition to the decorative elements of a room. This also helps you allow your clothes to serve as something of a decoration, neatly placed and easily accessible when arranging a daily outfit.

There’s nothing more rustic and down to Earth than carefully and neatly storing your prized possessions, because this shows who you are and allows your personality, along with all of the colors of your summer wardrobe, to work in your favor.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring can make a tremendously powerful difference regarding how rustic a home looks, because wood in itself houses its own character, even when treated. Reclaimed wooden planks used for your flooring or even modern laminate with aesthetic changes can look fantastic, depending on how the rest of your bedroom is designed.

If living in a period property with wooden beams across the ceiling, then matching that with a worthwhile floor can help you maximize the “feature” sense that others artificially implement against one wall with paint or wallpaper, except in this way, you’ll have designed a functional set of decorative elements worth appreciating.

Window Arches

Window arches can make a tremendous difference in enhancing the natural light that comes into your room as well as how the walls are framed around them.

The installation of your windowsills, for instance, can potentially provide a seating space if you’re lucky enough to have a bay design, but with regular flat panels, painted treatments surrounding the edge and providing ventilation lock mechanisms can be a great way to integrate the window area into the space, rather than simply having it serve as an expected fixture. A few decorative elements too, like hanging baskets, can be a fantastic place to start.

With this advice, you’re certain to cultivate a rustic look for your bedroom in the best possible way.