How to Safely Use WordPress Codes: Overview and Review

Access to your WordPress sites backend can become a vulnerability to hackers due to a number of things. The large size of the WordPress platform while advantageous makes it possible to fall victim to cunning cybercriminals who are always looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the security of the system. Your site can also be targeted if it has many exploits of high value that can be useful to hackers.

It is therefore essential to know how to use WordPress Codes without putting yourself at risk safely. There are many safety measures one can take to reduce the security risks when using WordPress Codes and a number of best free antivirus software. One good practice is to use codes and add ons from sources you trust. This will reduce the possibility of opening yourself up to malware from unknown sources. This, however, is not enough since you can be hacked from a different angle. Having a reliable antivirus will cover much ground for you.

Using Antivirus Software

The best way to combat these security threats when it comes to WordPress is to make use of cybersecurity software. This is ideally in the form of antivirus software. Antivirus software will keep your computer free from malware and offer protection against cyber-attacks protecting your data. The following are some of the best free antivirus you may use for cost-saving solutions.

Total AV Free Antivirus

The Total AV Free Antivirus is a top choice for this particular task. It works well on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and can, therefore, be used on almost any device. Total AV will protect you from malware you may encounter while working with WordPress codes, so your site is not affected. It has a Web Shield feature ensuring protection as you browse the web to keep your from unsafe websites and block corrupted files from downloading.


Total AV is a well-rounded solution, and the free version does not disappoint either. It’s one of the best free antivirus software on the market. Although it has lesser features, its ability to root out malware and improve the performance of your computer is unmatched. Anyone using Total AV antivirus to keep their computer clean will be happy to find that unlike other antiviruses which slow down your device, it will actually improve resource usage. This is good as you will enjoy good speeds as you work on your site.


Despite being the best free antivirus, Total AV does have its weakness—its web shield only works with Firefox and Chrome browsers. This means the feature is not available for users using other browsers. Mac users will also find it tedious because of the numerous upgrades they currently have to keep up with.

Avast Free Antivirus

A popular choice in free antivirus is Avast Free Antivirus. Avast has quite the reputation when it comes to identifying and blocking malware, spyware, and other malicious software you may come across on the web.


Avast offers its smart scan feature on the free version of its antivirus. This makes it a great choice amongst the free antivirus software available. The Network security inspector works to identify who is in your home network, alerting you of intruders.


Avast is not that much of a great option among the best free antivirus software in 2019. The password manager, a very handy tool, has rather limited functionality in the free version of Avast antivirus. This comes as a downside in addition to other security features that require you to pay for them to be activated.

McAfee Free Antivirus

McAfee offers a free antivirus solution through its trial version. The McAfee Free Antivirus software has many features that will help enhance your cybersecurity. From the Safe Browser to email protection, every move you make online will have a layer of protection added to it for your benefit.


For an antivirus that encompasses so much functionality, McAfee is fortunately very user-friendly. A top feature is its real-time protection which keeps your device clean by identifying malware and other unwanted software immediately the moment they are in your system. In addition to this real-time monitoring, you also have USB virus scan functionality. When using WordPress, you are going to need the personal firewall that comes with this antivirus for protection while online.


Although a very reliable and the best free antivirus, McAfee takes up a lot of your computer’s resources as compared to the other antiviruses on this list. You may face some lag on your device because of this.