Saliva Testing for Hormonal Diagnosis: The Key Takeaways

It is amazing how much information can be gleaned from such a small amount of saliva. This form of analysis is becoming increasingly popular and widely used as a reliable way to indicate the health profile of an individual.

The use of saliva testing for hormonal diagnosis is a prime example of the usefulness of this option.

For many years, the default option for testing female hormone levels has been blood tests. The landscape has now changed. Saliva testing is proving to be a reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Here are some key points to consider.

Why is measuring female hormone levels so important?

Female bodies have a certain number of complexities to contend with, many of which are influenced by hormone levels. From measuring fertility levels to analyzing mood and body changes in relation to menopause, for instance, there are plenty of reasons why this data is so important.

To maintain a healthy equilibrium, the female body requires a good hormonal balance. Saliva testing is a good way of spotting whether there is an imbalance. This prompts further investigation to pinpoint an underlying health issue that has come to light via the testing process.

A way of identifying hormonal deficiency

Hormonal imbalance can be attributed to a number of symptoms, syndromes, and diseases that can impact a woman throughout their reproductive years.

Measuring female hormone levels using a saliva test can help highlight areas where a deficiency exists. This provides the opportunity to redress that balance and promote a greater health profile in the process.

A saliva test can be the start of a better state of health

Many women are blighted by a series of period-related issues throughout their reproductive years. Problems with excessive bleeding and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are just two of the issues that can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance.

The menstrual cycle is driven by a variety of different hormones. When the balance is not right it can trigger a series of health problems.

Using a process known as menstrual cycle mapping can be beneficial. It allows medical practitioners to be able to provide relief and help with menopausal symptoms.

A simple and unobtrusive saliva test could create a pathway to getting the treatment needed for a better health outlook.

Help with identifying fertility problems

Another useful aspect of saliva testing is that identifying a hormonal imbalance can be very instructive when it comes to fertility problems.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the major causes of fertility problems. A change occurs to a woman’s body when they reach the age of about 35. Their natural fertility levels decline after this age as a result of changes to their hormone levels.

If you are trying to get pregnant without immediate success, a simple saliva test might highlight a hormonal imbalance.

Saliva testing is non-invasive. That is why it is proving such a popular option compared to a blood test, or providing a urine sample.

When you consider that it is estimated over 47% of women in the world will experience PMS, it highlights the relevance of having a quick saliva test to see whether there is a hormonal balance to address.