Stunning Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings

As time is progressing, some states have finally started to legalize LGBTQ+ marriages. What other way to celebrate this huge turning point other than getting to marry the love of your life?

The demand for more diverse and extraordinary weddings has gained traction as same-sex ceremonies have been on the rise. Like any other wedding, a same-sex wedding is also about donning the attire that makes you feel like the gorgeous bride or groom you always dreamed of being.

The ways to make your wedding unique and meaningful are endless. Wedding planning might seem daunting at first, but all the hard work and effort will ultimately pay off. To make it easier for you to narrow down exactly what you and your partner want, this article will discuss various ideas for having the wedding both of you deserve.

Decide on the Wedding Theme

Weddings are important milestones, and it is understandable that everyone wants them to be perfect. First things first, you need to determine the theme of your ceremonies. Deciding on a theme will make it easier to pick out the ideal dress and suits.

It will also help you get the ball rolling as you decide what decor and interiors to opt for to complement the theme and vibe of the wedding.

The Classic Wedding

Why should straight people have all the fun? Both of you can wear the dress or suit of your dreams. Flaunt your wedding look by wearing an elegant, timeless gown in white, paired with a translucent veil. You can also look sleek and dashing in a fitted black and white tux.

The wedding location could be that grand plaza or a large spacious hall in your neighborhood. The flowers can be white lilies, peonies, or roses. The altar can be decorated with a combination of these flowers.

The invitations can have a formal dress code that the guests can follow. The tables can be adorned with silverware and floral ceramic plates paired with beige or pastel napkins. Include some interesting textures on the tablecloth like lace, rhinestones, or embroidery.

Opt for decorative candles, sophisticated placemats, and charming ribbons to complete the whole look. The quintessential champagne flutes can be used to serve desserts.

A Rustic Wedding

To memorialize your amazing union, you might want a beautiful rustic setting to set off into your happy ever after. Rustic weddings can be pulled off by implementing natural textures like jute, hand-tied bouquets of flowers, woodsy elements, and vintage mismatched vases.

You can elevate the interior by having florals with greenery as decor. The location can be an open space like a spot in a green park with a lake. The dress code can be casual.

The bouquets can be adorned with jute laces, and rustic brown card paper can be used for name placards. The chairs can be minimal and made from wood or cane.

Vibrant Pride Wedding

Celebrate your rights with the vibrant theme of pride. There are many ways to subtly or boldly infuse the colors of the pride flag into the theme of your wedding.

If you are wearing a suit or a tux, you can wear cufflinks that have the six colors of the flag. You can also opt for pastel rainbow-colored socks. A pride-colored brooch can also be the perfect accessory to complete your entire wedding attire. The seating chart can be arranged in the pride color theme.

The flowers can also be color coordinated. Opting for artificial, dried, or paper flowers can do the trick as finding fresh flowers of all colors might be a challenge. You can go for red roses or tulips to represent the red portion of the flag.

The whole pride wedding can be put together with tulips and lilies as these are available in the appropriate colors. The runners representing the colors can also be chosen to tie in the whole look.

Install rainbow-colored confetti that will go off when you are done with the vows or leaving the premises for your honeymoon. This will add some fun vibes and will also make the photos look great.

You should definitely have a wedding cake with pride colors. The classic and graceful option would be having a white or pastel-colored cake with each layer representing the flag colors. A drip cake with icing in the notable six colors can be another great choice.

Minimalist Gay Wedding

A minimalist wedding can be the way to go as it defines class effortlessly. It also makes more room for being more comfortable and getting less overwhelmed by any unnecessary extravagance.

When it comes to choosing outfits for the big day, go for a style that complements your silhouette and has clean lines. It is ideal to stick with solid colors that are neutral and natural.

Despite being minimalist, do not be afraid of adding one or two colors tactfully that can make the whole outfit pop. Pair your ensemble with a subtle pride-colored brooch or pair of cufflinks. Alternatively, you can opt for soft and muted motifs, defining minimalism accurately.

The main objective is to steer clear of any visual clutter. The invitations can be contemporary and clean. They can also be handwritten where you can flaunt your calligraphic skills. You can add simple geometric lines and a slight touch of elegant marble to add more depth.


The location can be anywhere you like. If you want natural features, you can opt for the venue to be in a park or a hall with green pastureland. It can also be the bar or restaurant where your heart skipped a beat as soon as you laid your eyes upon the love of your life.

It can also be the same venue where your parents got married. Or it can be the grand hall you’ve fantasized about getting married in since childhood.

Color Combinations

Based on the wedding theme, you need to opt for colors that complement each other. If you are opting for a boho vibe, opt for colors that are more natural like olive green and brown.

You can also opt for peachy colors that go well with the theme and ambiance of the wedding. If you are too confused, simply settle with the favorite colors of both your fiancé and yourself.


You can have playful decor like name placards in the colors of the pride flag. The flatware can be engraved with wholesome quotes like “Mr. & Mr.” or “Love Wins.”

You can also have a corner with a decorative backdrop and props where the guests can take delightful photos and have a great time. If you are opting for a minimalistic wedding, then you can opt for clean and simple decor with not too much going on.

To reduce the costs, you can make your own decor by repurposing colorful papers and making paper flowers. You can also repurpose leftover planks or wood pieces to make a backdrop. For more efficiency, you can involve your close friends and work on the decor together.

It will surely be well-spent quality time and remembered by everyone. Everyone will cherish the fun they will have. DIY wedding decor is a great way to express your personality and add a personal flair to the special event.

Style of Your Wedding Ensemble

What you will be wearing is incredibly crucial for this special day. Both of your outfits should go well together. Suits, tux, dress, gown or jumpsuit, whatever you wear, make sure it is flattering.

Since it will be a long event, it is recommended to wear something that is comfortable as well as stylish.

Common Color

If your soon-to-be spouse and you are having a personalized wedding ensemble, you can style with a common color through different components of your outfit. You don’t necessarily have to wear the classic white gown; you can wear alternative dresses in whatever color palette you prefer.

Suppose one of you wears pastel pink barrettes whereas the other wears a pocket square of the same color. Or both of your apparel can be the same color. Simply decide on a color that both of you will happily wear on your special day.

Winning by Twinning

Twinning looks deceptively easy. However, it is quite a challenge and can be a bit tricky. You do not want to look like siblings instead of life partners. If you have decided to wear matching tuxedos or gowns, ensure that they are well styled with different accessories. Both of you also need to make sure that you are well-groomed as well.


You can add some depth or drama to the whole wedding ensemble by wearing a statement cape. Besides being a fashion statement, capes are comfortable and an effortless way to be fashionable. This piece of clothing can have intricate embroidery at the bottom or near the collar.

Own It

Regardless of gender, wear whatever you want. Defy the gender stereotypes and wear your favorite pair of heels or tailored tux. Be confident, be you. An LGBTQ+ wedding is all about having the freedom of expressing yourself and celebrating love.

Final Thoughts

Getting to marry the love of your life legally is one of the best feelings ever. Embrace your likings, your quirks, and traits. This is your wedding, and you and your soulmate should do whatever feels perfect for you.