4 Sauce Shop Top Sauces To Spice Up Your Weekend BBQ!

The beauty of a weekend BBQ is that you bring together your friends and family that come from different backgrounds. You even make your BBQ menu in such a way that everyone is happy.

These days keeping guests happy is more difficult. This is because there are those who eat meat and those who don’t. Vegans and vegetarians also enjoy barbeques! Some pay attention to whether the food they eat is gluten-free, while others don’t have specific preferences. In such a setting, it’s easy to overlook details such as the types of sauce that you should offer to your guests.

Sauce Shop provides you with an array of great sauces made from natural ingredients. The sauces are gluten-free and vegan. Here are 4 Sauce Shop top sauces that are sure to spice up your weekend BBQ and make your guests feel satisfied.

1. Sauce Shop Everyday Chilli Sauce

Unless you’re one of those lucky people who have a chilli garden in the backyard, Sauce Shop Everyday Chilli Sauce is a must-have for your weekend BBQ. Your guests are not only left with a tingly sensation but a flavourful taste resting on the palate. The sauce is made of natural ingredients and is gluten-free as well as vegan. Therefore, no guest is left out and all can enjoy the great sauce.

This also means that your guests who are chilli addicts no longer have to bring chilli in their plastics and lunch boxes. They also don’t have to worry about secretly adding the chillis in their foods to avoid sharing with the whole group! Make sure that you have enough to pass around because this chilli sauce will leave your guests asking for more throughout the barbeque.

2. Sauce Shop Habanero Hot Sauce

You may have guests who feel that Sauce Shop Everyday Chilli sauce is a child’s play. Every circle of friends and family has those who can go to the next level when it comes to hot food! Don’t forget to serve these guests Sauce Shop Habanero Hot Sauce in your weekend BBQ.

You can even turn this into one of those BBQ games of ‘who can stand the heat.’ It’s always interesting to find out who can take the maximum heat when it comes to hot sauces. The Habanero Hot Sauce is surely going to test limits and set people free.

3. South Carolina Barbeque Sauce

If you’re from South Carolina, you’re probably smiling from one ear to the other. South Carolina is the birthplace of BBQ and is admired for its flavourful sauces. So, a weekend BBQ won’t be complete without Sauce Shop South Carolina Barbeque Sauce.

If you’re not from the South and are wondering what the raving is all about, go ahead and try the South Carolina Barbeque Sauce on your next weekend BBQ. A dash of the sauce will bring Southern flavours to wherever you are. This is possible because the Sauce Shop sauces can be ordered online and delivered to numerous locations around the world.

Once you try South Carolina Barbeque Sauce, you can decide who has the best BBQ sauce.

4. Sauce Shop Original Mayo Sauce

Your weekend BBQ probably has hot dogs on the menu or various salads. Mayo is always a popular sauce option when it comes to these BBQ foods. Sauce Shop Original Mayo Sauce is ready to make sure that your weekend gathering is complete.

Depending on where you are, potato salad is almost always a hit when it comes to weekend barbeques. Sauce Shop Original Mayo Sauce will turn your potato salad into one that’ll be a highlight of the barbeque. It’s rare to hear people go on and on about a salad at a barbeque. However, the natural ingredients infused in the sauce will make the potato salad one to delight over.

Mayo sauce is also a great alternative for those who want to stay clear of the hot stuff and also wish for an alternative to ketchup.


Sauce Shop is the go-to shop for your weekend barbeques. Though housed in Nottingham UK, the sauces are just a click away as you can order them online. So, nothing can stop you from hosting the best weekend barbeques in your town. The signature of the sauces is that it includes all kinds of people with different food and diet preferences.

What better way to satisfy all the guests in your next weekend barbeque? Go ahead and order Sauce Shop Sauces and become famous for the best barbeques ever.