The Science Behind Vapes – How Does it Work?

Vaping has become a staple necessity for people eager to move away from smoking, but are unable to kill the urge entirely. They find it to be a happy medium that offers the promise of less nicotine, and less damage to their health.

But how does it really work? Read on to understand the science behind vapes to know how it works.


While it’s well known that vapes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, their working parts are one in the same. In order to really understand the process of how it works, it’s important that you are familiar with the parts and what they do.

  • CARTRIDGE: The cartridge is where the liquid is stored. You can get the liquid in all kinds of different flavors. The variety at gives you a good idea on what kind of options there are. Different vapes have varying sizes when it comes with the cartridge. 
  • BATTERY: Every vape has a battery that is usually charged through a USB port.
  • LIGHT: Most vapes will have LED light for a variety of indicators.
  • ATOMIZER: This is where the coil that is responsible for heating the liquid and turning it into vapor is placed.
  • SENSOR: The sensor is important to the vape because this is what senses that you are about to take a drag and allows the vape to be released, as well as activating the lights.


After you have put in the liquid into the cartridge, by activating the vape, the sensor activates the atomizer, and the coil heats up the liquid to a certain degree that turns it into vapor. It is vapor and not smoke, you’ll find that even though the smell is evident initially, when you exhale, it doesn’t take much time for the smell to disappear entirely. This is because it evaporates into the air. 

When vaping first started, there were many vapes that had to be switched on and off manually, and they’re still being sold. However, the more convenient vaping items use these sensors to automatically switch on without you having to manually switch anything on and off. 

While there are a number of variations of the devices that people use for vaping, the mechanism on the inside is one in the same. It is a process of heating up a liquid to the point where it turns into vapor, and once it doesn’t, it’s ready for inhalation. The people who create these devices are always working on new and innovative ways, that allow more convenience for you, as the user. The sizes are now varied and you have e-cigarettes that are easy to carry and easier to hold as well.

The manufacturers are also always working towards providing batteries that can last for much longer, and heating that takes less time without the risk or causing you harm. Vapes are a great invention and are going a long way in helping a lot of people quit smoking, and it certainly helps to know how it works!