Security Measures Every Organization Should Practice

Technology has taken over our world, it’s everywhere! Technological advancements offer powerful features as well as threats that affect our everyday life.

Every technological advancement generates different kinds of data that provide loopholes that can be used for network and system breaches. It’s impossible for us to find the perfect system that is not vulnerable enough to be spotted by hackers.

Nevertheless, there are certain measures that organizations can practice to ensure the security and protection of network and data. At the end of the day, organizations would always rather be secured that put their resources at risk. Here are a few measures that you must practice to secure your organization. 


Hackers try many combinations of characters as a password to break into systems. If you use regular names and easy password combinations, it would be very easy for hackers to succeed. Make sure you create complex combinations of passwords to avoid this issue. You have to implement a strong password policy and make sure it’s regularly updated to make things harder for hackers.

It’s also a good strategy to lock the system after a specific number of password trails so it’s harder for hackers to keep guessing until they successfully breach your organization’s system. 


Firewalls bring many security functionalities to help you make sure your organization is secured. It works as an identity authorization tool, it helps you monitor traffic, filters it, and allows you to block IP addresses. Therefore, it’s an essential tool to protect your company’s resources and data as well as monitor web traffic.

A firewall is a very simple solution to complicated issues like protecting your PCs from unauthorized remote access and block content that is not related to your industry or scope of work. Make sure you get an antivirus tool to get the best possible results. 

Physical Security

Make sure you have a server room that is well secured. You can do that by ensuring there are locks on the door, such as a smart lock system that uses a password to ensure maximum possible security. You can get a punching machine that works with a fingerprint to unlock the server rooms to keep track of who is going in and out of the room in case someone misuses their authority.

The thing is, when unable to breach your system, a hacker may try to do so on-site. Therefore, you have to make the physical security policies in your organization as effective as possible. You can try adding video surveillance cameras everywhere and make sure that the most important devices are locked in a different room.

Make sure you secure the fences, gates, entrances, and even emergency exits to guarantee maximum security. You also have to make sure that your employees are well trained and know exactly what to do when they notice anything unusual on their PCs.

Sometimes, hackers look for the most vulnerable PC that is connected to the network to use it to get into the system and start hacking servers. 

Assess Risks

You can plan for a periodic security risk assessment to evaluate your organization’s security standards and implementation policies. This assessment will ensure maximum security and will make you understand what you need to do to minimize risk and where to maximize security.

This process will uncover loopholes in the system that could put your organization in danger. You need to conduct this assessment before installing and implementing new security policies to make sure that the decisions you took are the most suitable solutions for your company. Make sure you evaluate risk and security policies before you implement any new security measures.

It’s important to keep checking if the systems you put in place are still effective or not. This will help you identify risks and protection policies and evaluate their impact on the business. This step is crucial to ensure that you have the best possible solutions to secure your organization’s data, resources, and people. 

Selecting security solutions that are most suitable for your line of business and organizational structure is not an easy process. It’s also not a one-time thing, security is an ongoing process to ensure minimum risk. The most important thing for you to do is to research well and hire IT professionals, companies, and consultants that can provide you with ideal solutions for your everyday security issues.

Also, make sure that the security measures are imbibed in the culture of your organization by providing employee training to educate them about the importance of following security policies and procedures.