How to Become a Self-Made DJ

Breaking into the music scene is difficult for anyone. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, as much effort as any other passion, career, or job. You have to have that perseverance and understanding of the demand if you want to turn a music hobby into a music career.

There are a few things that you need to consider when trying to become a DJ, ranging from finding your personal music styles to external factors like the programs and equipment you use.

Focus On and Understand the Music

When you are considering becoming a DJ, the most important aspect is your music. Your music is your craft; you need to have the capability to express your creativity and focus on your passion.

The roots of your DJing abilities will start from your music and musicality. It is a good idea to listen to as many genres as possible, not limiting yourself and being open-minded. You want to make sure that you have a large library of music and a wide variety of tastes, especially if you are looking to be a DJ that appeals to a wider audience.

In addition to having a lot of music in your listening library and having that range of influence and inspiration, you want to also counterbalance that with eventually finding your own sound. Sound engineers using samplified understand the importance of having a good foundation of sounds that you build from. Once you have that good base, you can start Expanding.

You will want to develop your own style that will make you stand out in an industry that is highly competitive. The music you play will translate to the type of audience you have. Trying to become successful as a DJ means that you have a recognizable sound that separates you from the others, keeping listeners and fans continually seeking out your music.

High-Quality Sound

Once you have settled on the sound and style of your music, with a strong understanding and honing of your craft, your skills alone will not be the single thing that determines your success as a DJ. The quality of your sound will also play a large factor in helping you become a self-made DJ.

This means finding the right programs and equipment to produce your music at a high quality. You’ll want different kits, setups, computers, soundboards, studios, to give you the best quality possible. Your sound is everything and your listeners will be able to pick up on that. Not having the right equipment to produce your music will put you at a severe disadvantage when it comes to your fans and listeners, especially if the competition has comparable songs at a much better quality.

Build a Platform

Your style and your production quality are the biggest factors in your music, but your success in the music and entertainment industry is much more dependent on other variables as well. You might be a great local DJ with a unique style, but if you aren’t using the tools available to you, your success is being cut short.

Take advantage of the plethora of mediums and platforms out there to share your music. Use streaming services to get connected with as many listeners as possible, but don’t forget about your other apps and platforms. Video streaming websites like YouTube are not just for videos, but are a great platform for a listening audience.

Take advantage of trends that depend on audio clips and get people listening to your tracks, remixes, and songs. Your music is your creative outlet, but remember to use that creativity in utilizing your platforms for your medium.


In addition to using platforms to garner listeners outside of traditional audiences, you will need to market yourself and your music using all your options. As mentioned, use platforms like TikTok or Instagram to not only promote and share your music through simple audio clips, but the challenges and trends are great marketing waves you should ride.

Collaborations with popular users or other musicians will be a good way to reach large audiences. Work with channels that are in need of audio backgrounds and music, using their platforms as well to jumpstart your own.

Use your own pages to promote music in ways aside from simply playing your songs. Showing the process behind the scenes of how you make your music gives your listeners something deeper to view and also helps generate more attention for your pages and platforms. 

There are many factors that come into play when trying to be a successful DJ. You might even need a little bit of luck in the end. But there are plenty of things that you can control to give yourself and your music the best possible chance of success.