5 Best Reasons to Sell Your Used Phone

How many times have you opened up a kitchen drawer or a cupboard and found an old cell phone that you were no longer using? Most of us don’t know quite what to do with these unused items and they are set aside or put back in a drawer and forgotten.

Did you know you can sell your old phone online with very little effort on your part and make some quick cash? Or trade your old device in for a gift card towards a new device or something else you have been wanting? There are many reasons to sell your old phone online.

5 of the best reasons to sell your used phone

Make quick cash

If you want to know how to sell devices online, there are many sites that will offer money or gift cards in exchange for old electronic devices. Sites like Gizmogo will send you a shipping slip so you can ship them your old phone and then give you an estimate of what it is worth. They use professionals who will examine the product and give you a fair market value for the item.

If you accept this estimate, they will send you the cash electronically within a day or two using one of their convenient payment options. One of the great things about this company is they will wipe your device clean of any personal information so you never have to worry about your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

A lot of people use their phones for online banking and purchases so that information could inadvertently be left on the phone. The professionals at Gizmogo will ensure your information is deleted and your finances are safe. That service is invaluable.

Trade up

Some companies like Apple will take your old phone and give you a credit towards the newer model coming out. This saves you money and puts you on the waiting list for the newest technology if it isn’t out yet. If you are not interested in the newer model of a cell phone but want something else at Apple, they will offer you a credit towards their merchandise to be used in-store or online.

Help the environment

When you sell your old cell phone to a site that buys electronics, they generally recycle these items in some way, either by separating them for parts or giving them another purpose. When you throw out a piece of electronics it ends in a landfill and contributes to the carbon footprint of that dump.


Selling your old cell phones and other electronics is a great way to clean up your space a little bit and declutter. You may have more than you thought and so you could end up making some quick cash and clean up in more ways than one.


Selling your old cell phone is a very easy way to get rid of old electronics. Most online sites that buy old devices will give you an offer with a picture and a description or send you a shipping slip so you can ship the product to them free of charge. Within a few days, your old phone is making you some cash and it took very little effort.

When you want to make some quick cash and clean up your personal space, selling your old cell phone online is a great option. With sites like Gizmogo and other online companies that buy electronics, you can take those old cell phones, tablets, and laptops and turn them into a deposit on the latest and greatest technology.