Send Money to The Philippines

Are you a Filipino working abroad and in need to send money to Philippines in the shortest time possible? If so, you are in the right place. These are just a few considerations you should make to choose the best channel in making your personal or business money transfer. These factors include;

• convenience of the channel
• security of your money
• duration of the transfer
• transfer fees
• Rates of exchange.

What are the ways of transferring money to the Philippines?

Bank Transfers

If you want to transfer a large amount of money, then a bank is one of the best ways to use. Most of the banks across America and Europe offer an opportunity for you to transfer some cash to the Philippines.

Money orders

For someone in need to transfer a specific sum of money, money orders are usually the way to go. The recipient of the money in the Philippines gets an assured amount of money, exactly to the one prepaid either in the post office or bank.

Money Transfer Agents

There are agents which are stipulated to facilitate money transfer across the globe, including the Philippines. These agents include MoneyGram and Western Union. They, at some points, use the cash pickups to drive the money to a specific destination. The cash transfer takes the shortest time possible to reach the destination.

Online Money transfer services

Online money transfer has been proven to be the most efficient money transfer in the current statistics. It only requires one to have access to the internet. The channel is secure, convenient to most users, very fast, offers minimal transfer and exchange rates.

Most of the old channels of transferring money have been very expensive, taking a long time, and tiresome. Therefore having all these factors into consideration, we recommend using online money transfer services while making your money transfer to the Philippines.

Examples of online money transfer services


Rewire is among the leading online money transfer channels that you can use to send money to Philippines. Rewire offers the transfer service from several countries worldwide, including; Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Steps in transferring money to the Philippines through Rewire

Opening of a free account

Creating an account with Rewire is very simple, speedy, and without charges. What’s required is just your details, identity verification, and set to go.

Make the money transfer to the Philippines

Rewire offers you several ways in which you can transfer your money to the Philippines. These ways have been verified and assured of their safety as far as your money is concerned. You can use bank transfer, cash pickup, credit card, and debit cards. All these options are less expensive and convenient for everyone. Therefore choose the option that best fits you.

Process ends

You will receive a notification of the transfer process. Our team will also be in charge of ensuring you are up to date with your money until all is well and done. It only takes an utmost one business day for the money to arrive in the Philippines.

Why consider Rewire in transferring money to the Philippines?


Rewire is the most reliable money transfer option to the Philippines you can ever find. Your money is always kept in a safe place until it reaches the Philippines from anywhere across Europe. Both transfer and exchange rates are friendly and affordable to you.

Systematic and speedy

Your money can never reach on time unless with rewire. The process of transfer is very easy in our app.

Stand by customer care

At rewire, there is a customer care service in 24 hours. Customer care ensures you are updated in case of any issue arising.

What are other money transfer channels to the Philippines?


Xoom is a PayPal service that offers money transfer services to the Philippines. It supports bank transfer, debit cards, cash pickup, etc.


Philippines National Bank is the largest bank in the Philippines. It supports money transfers to the Philippines.


Wise offers the money transfer from the US to the Philippines in just four days. Their exchange rates are considered to be among the highest rates offered.


Ria is among the safest and faster channels to transfer your money to the Philippines. You can choose to use a bank account, credit card, cash, and debit card.


Remitly opens up the transfer of money to the Philippines. It gives one of the cheapest transfer rates to the Philippines.


Online money transfer services form the current money transfer options, which are most convenient to many. You can now transfer your money in a very short time to the Philippines. We recommend the use of Rewire in your money transfer to the Philippines.