7 Sexiest Lingerie Types You Need To Know About  

Whether you want lingerie for the first wedding night or honeymoon, intimate wardrobe purchases are always fun. Of course, the term “lingerie” doesn’t need any explanation, but how familiar are you with other lingos? There are many who can’t separate a corset from a camisole.

Well, it’s not a life-saving drill. However, when it comes to intimate fashion, it does make a difference. After all, lingerie is not just another innerwear; it’s how sexy is rewritten every time, especially inside a bedroom.

Today, global fashion perceives lingerie to be a ready-to-wear garment. By the time the trend catches on, you can explore certain brands like 3Wishes’ curated sexy lingerie collection. And before you do so, here’s a look at the seven sexiest lingerie types to jumpstart your inspiration. Read on!


Nothing beats a pair of bikinis to go solo or effortlessly pair with a matching bra for a low-maintenance look. As one of the best swimsuits for women, bikinis rest low around the waist but just the right low to offer good coverage across the back. In short, they’re flirty and cute in equal measure. Come-of-age styles like gilded bikinis look uniquely alluring with a mid-rise design and high-leg style.


Bodysuits, also known as “teddy,” is a style of lingerie that includes both the bra and the underwear in one design. Despite offering more coverage, bodysuits are surprisingly sexier than most other lingerie types. When looking for a lingerie style that’s easy on your body but keeps the steam intact, bodysuits can rock the show. No wonder they sell like hotcakes on Valentine’s Day. After all, “Teddy” love is beyond everything, right?


A bralette is a modified version of a classic bra without an underwire or other structural elements. Yes! You guessed it right. It offers less support than a traditional bra. While that only makes a little difference for some people, it could be a dealbreaker for some. So, if you like a bralette, always try it out first. Some bralette designs also don’t have clasp closures and must be removed over the head.


This one could be perfect for the new bride, adding vigor to her wedding night. As an extended bra design, bustiers cover almost the whole of the torso. However, other styles can end right above the belly button. When looking to boost her sex appeal with bustiers, opt for a strappier style. Want to add an extravaganza? Go for a bustier with attached garters, to which you can add thigh-high stockings to complete the look.


Do you value comfort over style and sex appeal? Camisoles are all you need. They’re simple clothing that links a tank top to spaghetti straps. To achieve a luxe vibe, silk and satin with laces are preferred for camis. Pair them with tap shorts, and you are good to go! If you like to show a little more skin, choose a thong to go along with it.


A chemise packs a punch in the shape of a short dress you can effortlessly slip into. It goes effortlessly well with both thongs and bikinis. While a chemise is almost always confused with a babydoll, the latter sports a shorter length, falling below the line of panties. Nevertheless, both chemise and babydoll are excellent choices when you like to keep it flirty. In fact, a chemise is often viewed as a shorter, skimpier, and sexier version of a traditional wedding dress.


One of the classic lingerie styles, corsets were hard to wear, with ties and grommets forcing their way along the midsection. Over time, they evolved into shapewear. However, choosing a corset for your wedding night is beyond all that. Go for corsets with grommets, laces, garters, and satin straps that readily make things sexy and effortlessly stylish.

Closing Thoughts

“Lingerie” as a concept evolved during the late 19th century as a visually appealing garment. Back then, it was restricted to an element of seduction that men and women loved equally.

Today, lingerie stands for more. It’s about being fashionable, revisiting the “sexy” quotient while still harping on the idea of liberation that a modern woman preaches. There are a thousand ways to amplify a woman’s confidence, but nothing comes close to the seductive power of lingerie. So, it makes all the sense in the world to choose a style that speaks to you and defines you as a woman.