Shave It Or Not? The Monumental Decision

To have a beard or not, men have always been making this decision, evolving, and then keeping going back to beard (or not). It is sometimes a bold decision, and men fear the look they may have on shaving it all off.

Many applications can give you a visual test for how you may look. Besides that, I am here to help you through it but to understand it better, let’s learn more about beards.

History of Beard

Beard has been the symbol of manhood for centuries; they sure give that very manly testosterone-filled look. Beards are almost like an honor in some cultures; Otto the great sworn on his beard to mark the matter’s importance; imagine today no one would be taken seriously on that clause.

But in prehistoric times, beard was the mark of honor, respect, and wealth, and man tended to their beard with all the love and care. Vikings believed in grooming their long ruly beards to perfection, and that helps induces fear.

Fast Forward to Present Times

Can you imagine now to scare people with your beard!

Nowadays, beard isn’t a mark of anything besides visage; some people like them, so they keep it, while some don’t, so they keep shaving, it’s that straightforward, no egos involved.

Nonetheless, in this fast-moving age of technology, people take no more than twenty seconds to judge each other by looks alone. If you have a tattoo, you are considered reckless; you wear glasses, you are nerdy; if you have a beard, you are a bore etcetera-etcetera.

I know it is vile, but this is true; people are too quick to judge, and it takes a long time to dispose of the preconceived theories.

A General Survey: Top Five Reasons Why Men Shave

Here is my list of the top five reasons, which is why men shave their beards. It is not something set in stone but just a general perception backed by Independent polls. However, one can always decide to shave for no reason but freewill.

1. Health and Hygiene

It’s not easy for men to maintain the health and hygiene underneath all that hair; because it is nothing like your scalp. The skin underneath the beard consists of 50% of the face, and generally, the face’s skin needs special care and attention.

According to WebMD’s report, the beard infests germs and bacteria to no end, and that too comes after the research and tests. So there is no denying, most importantly no judging, but that again defer from person to person.

However, if you happen to have very thick coarse hair and grow all out of place, that is definitely how it all starts.

2. Dry, Unruly Yet Not Even Economical

Often, people tend to have very different textures and colors of hair compared to hair on the head or any part of the body. When I say different, it’s not adoringly, but its agonizingly different, kind of gives you a very different look.

No matter how kept, groomed, and primed you are as a person, the hair on your beard may just stick out differently, making you look like Hagrid.

In fact, I have seen guys who have a distressing amount of work put into taming their beards with a vanity-shelf full of beard oil, conditioner and deep conditioning, and whatnot.

Besides, women claim they like a guy who grooms himself, but that can become borderline unbearable at times. Have you ever heard? “Sorry, we are late to the wedding because he was deep conditioning his beard!”

It sure becomes a turnoff, and the best way is to cut it short or lose it—another important reason to lose it the maintenance costs a lot. Going to barber for haircut alone costs you a lot, and when you are a student or at the start of your career, it is just too much fuss for now.

Worst is for last.

If you start to show those grey hair early, that may look fine on your head, but that salt and pepper daddy-look is not for you in your mid-thirties. Maybe in the next decade, you can own it, but now is not the time to support this look.

Also, coloring them may get a tardy and recurring process; by the six months, you would have given a lot to the salon and hair dyes company for coloring only.

3. Job Interview

It may be a thing, and you don’t know, but it sure is!

Companies do have a pro/anti beard culture. Hence, with a little digging into LinkedIn and company website, it will give you a clear idea. If not, you can always grow it back when you have settled into the company.

Foremost the goal is to clear the interview, I have nothing against beard, but for once, it gives you a very collected and gathered look at your first meeting.

Naturally, a job interview lasts hardly fifteen minutes or thirty if you stand a good chance, but that is not enough time to know someone.

Employers are not as forgiving and open as friends, so it’s best to do everything close to perfection. If it means achieving a cleaner, more primed look by shaving the beard, then yes, this shall happen too!

4. Date Night

Men have always seen shaving for their first dates, engagements, and often when proposing. Don’t believe me? Derek Sheppard shaved of his perfectly handsome stubble before proposing to Meredith.

It’s not like women generally don’t like beards, but it kind of gives a drastically more cleaner look your face brings when you shave. What is more, the jawline, which enhances the face’s whole look, becomes more prominent.

Besides, with the head of hair and beard around the face becomes too much of hair and is often not visually appealing. Also, the beard and mustache free smile is more handsome than the smile restricted in the beard.

On a concluding note, nobody likes food stuck in the beard; it is not as charming as little bit of sauce or mayonnaise around the lips.

5. New Start

It’s not melodramatic, or drama queen; changing something about yourself significantly makes you feel good. It always gives you the feeling of newness when things are very stagnant and brings back the joy.

When you do things for yourself only, it sure brings very uplifting feelings for your self-esteem. It does not always come after a bad breakup, but when it does, it doesn’t amply you are doing it to attract attention.

In fact, it means entirely the opposite, its empowerment-thing, and feeling in control about yourself and your appearance. Many psychologists nod to this transition; women cut or dye the hair; men shave; it’s perfectly sane, indeed elating.

Time to Shave

You are still around is inevitable, you are planning to shave it, and I am here your one final push towards looking clean and new. If you can decide to do it all yourself, it is very straightforward, and I will be here taking you till the end.

Excluding the part of cleaning the bathroom floor.

First, you need to hydrate the beard, a good warm shower, or just wash the face. Experts suggest the hydrated hair shaves more comfortably, and the chances of getting cuts reduce significantly.

After applying a generous amount of shaving cream, it not only moisturizes the hair but also conditions it. When the hair is tamed, it makes the process faster and easier, and as a result, the skin isn’t irritated after the shave.

You can either use hand or brush to apply the cream; if you plan to stay clean shaved, you can invest in a good brush. With a nice, high-quality razor blade, you are ready to start; keep cleaning your razor as you go.

An Easier Fix for Your Qualms

According to Malesensepro, the electric shavers are “game-changer” in the shaving regime. Not only can you stop buying those shaving foams, but also you get those cuts and bumps-free shave every-single-time!

Moreover, you can work around that jaw and chin line in a hurry without having to worry about cutting yourself like a razor. What’s more fun, you can just roll left, right, forward, backward however you want, whereas you have to be precise with movements in using razors.

These shavers are portable with all that fun, and many models come with standby power enough for many shaves when you are traveling.

New You!

With that said, you have shaved, and it may look weird, empty, or exceptionally clean, and may take a week or two to adjust to his change. But once you get hold of it, you will be feeling fresher, cleaner, and with lesser maintenance baggage.

For what it’s worth, if you don’t like it, it sure is very easy to grow the beard back, and if you want to do right by this time, invest in some good beard oil to grow it nice, even, and moisturized.