Do Your Shoes Have To Match Your Outfit?

Gone are the days when people wore shoes with colors and material matching their outfits. Many people cannot afford to purchase shoes that match each outfit in their closet. The color of your footwear does not have to match your outfit, but they should complement or coordinate with each other. 

Shoes are the cornerstone for an outfit, so if you have brightly colored shoes like yellow or red, then avoid vibrant colors on the other parts of your outfit. Vibrant clothes and bright shoes are hard on the eyes, unless you have another piece, preferably a blouse with the same color as the shoes.

The opposite is also exact. Neutral-colored shoes such as gray, black, or white compliment any other outfit because the shoes are not the center of attraction. Here some tips to guide your shoe selection.

Golden Rules For Matching Shoes And Outfits

Coordinating an outfit is not easy. As much as women have a myriad of fashion options available to them than their male counterparts, they are always faced with emerging trends that rewrite fashion rules. This leaves them with limited fashion options. 

1. Play with Colors

Most stylish people still follow the traditional rule that forbade people from matching brown and black, or navy and black, even though all these colors are pretty neutral. With the current trends in western footwear, there have been successful matching with these color pairings.

The key to a successful matching is to be intentional with these pairings. Make the color combination look deliberate, and not haphazard since leaving your house looking like you dressed up in the dark does not look good. 

A good strategy for pairing brown and black is to go for contrast. For example, a black suit and cognac shoes, or a black oxford shirt with a tan belt will make a great fashion statement. Try those brown loafers with a pair of denim shorts.

2. Be Guided by the Occasion

The occasion you are attending plays a significant role in choosing the shoes. Is it a casual dinner or a formal event? Though your event does not have a designated dressing code, most occasions have general rules of what you should wear. 

For instance, you wouldn’t choose stiletto open-toe sandals and a knitted dress for a quick shopping spree at the mall. As a general rule, open-toe sandals or wedges look great with a formal dress and are fit for formal occasions. Boots or closed shoes are ideal for casual events. And sneakers like crossfit shoes are for workouts.

However, how about having one shoe for all occasions? This might sound a little bit odd but there are shows & sneakers available that can match your every outfit. They are designed for the purpose to provide you with the comfort and feel, every time you wear them.

Loom’s fashion sneakers are one of the great examples of them. Loom Footwear is a well-known company for making shoes using only the vegan material. These shoes are 100% waterproof and provide the comfort of utmost level. Having that said, they are worth giving a try!

3. Choose Shoes One Shade Darker Than Your Outfit

To prevent the cringe factor mixing similar but slightly different colors, go for shoes with a shade darker than your outfit, for instance, a cherry-red dress and fire-engine red shoes. The colors will not be readily noticeable to many people, and your reds will not be clashing. 

Your shoes should not be of the same material as your outfit. The saying that “you cut a drape to make shoes and a dress” is outdated. Pick a different material for your shoes and dress. To avoid looking matchy, choose a single color as your starting point. Then find clothes, shoes, and accessories whose shade is slightly different from each other. 

4. Play with Patterns

People shy away from mixing and matching patterns because traditional rules prohibit that style. However, if you are up to bringing modern techniques to your closet, you try pattern mixing. Not everyone owns a dress and shoes in the exact pattern. 

You may want to make a big fashion statement, and there is no better way than pairing accessories, shoes, and an outfit in the same pattern. Borrow a styling trick from Tess Holliday, and mix and match your prints. Use all the animal prints you have in your closet to make a mega fashion statement.

When you are starting to play with patterns, start small. Men might prefer a seersucker blazer or gingham with a floral pocket square. Another trick is to pick the same design in different colors, for instance, a checked tie featuring a shirt with even more extensive checks. Ladies might like a basic pattern for skirts or pants, think of polka dots, featuring a blouse with playful prints. 

Somewhere along the way, the world of fashion came up with a list of rules that govern what people should wear, when, and accessories. Most people’s wardrobes show it, especially when it comes to the colors of their clothes. However, it’s time to ditch those old fashioned rules and embrace modern patterns.

Learn to coordinate the perfect match in terms of shoes, dress, and accessories. There might be absolute no-no rules, but it’s time you make your rules and experiment.