9 Tips On Shopping For Vitamins Safely Online

Are you considering shopping for vitamins online? It makes perfect sense since we are in the middle of a pandemic and should limit our contact with the outside world for the time being.

Ordering online means you don’t have to interact with anyone and you can wait for your vitamins to be delivered. You can stay fit and healthy, boosting your vitamin C and D so that your body is better equipped to fight off COVID-19 should you become infected.

But how do you know which sites to use and which are reputable vitamin websites? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Do Your Research On Trusted Sites

The worst thing you can do is to purchase vitamins from a site that you have just googled. Many websites use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get their site to the top of Google’s rankings.

But those websites are not always the best place to buy reputable pharmaceuticals. Just because they have mastered the art of great content does not mean they have mastered the art of great products.

Be sure to find out what websites are safe to buy vitamins from and only buy from these. You can do this by hunting out the blogs of trusted experts or checking to see if the website is registered with the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If they are not it might best to avoid this website for the time being and focus on a reputable site even if they are more expensive.

2. Speak with Medical Experts

If you can try to speak to people who know what they are talking about rather than just blindly searching the internet this should stand you in good stead.

Seek out, medical doctors. If you have a doctor in your family you could try messaging them to ask their advice or even a nutritionist.

Try reading the blogs of notable doctors and vitamins will no doubt be a topic that is hot at the moment thanks to the pandemic.

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You could also ask your doctor the next time you have an appointment with them, whether online or in-person.

3. Only Use Reputable Sites: Don’t Skimp on Price

Not every website that isn’t registered with the FDA is selling vitamins and drugs which are going to be harmful to you. You might end up with a better deal but you are taking a risk.

Unless you get the vitamins medically tested once they arrive you have no idea whether they are genuine or not. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices. It’s better to pay more for vitamins from reputable vitamin websites.

This applies to everything from vitamins to hand washes as well, some of which have been recalled by the FDA for being dangerous during the pandemic.

4. Don’t Import

Importing vitamins can be a nightmare within itself. You might think you are getting them cheaper as drug prices in the U.S can be high but you will have the trouble of dealing with import fees and regulations.

You can’t just send drugs or vitamins in the post or order them online from other countries and hope for the best. You could find that your vitamins are confiscated because they don’t conform to the FDA’s regulations even if you are sure they are safe.

There’s also the issue of customs on imported goods from countries that don’t have free trade deals with the U.S.

Leave importing vitamins to the experts and instead stick to buying vitamins with the U.S.

5. Be Careful of Underlying Conditions

Do you have any underlying conditions? This can be anything from hayfever or a cat allergy to having a heart condition.

Underlying conditions can affect how vitamins affect you and you need to be aware of this before you order them. If you order from a reputable FDA approved site they should list the underlying conditions and what you need to be aware of.

If you don’t follow the guidelines you could find yourself getting sick. The best thing to do is to read the packaging and notes to the vitamins carefully. First, see if you can read them on the website before you order them but also take care to read them once they arrive in the post.

If you order vitamins from a fake website then you may well read fake instructions and guidelines so this is why you must order genuine verified vitamins.

Refund Policy

You must find out what the refund policy is of the company from which you have ordered vitamins. If you order them, they arrive and you then find out they are incompatible with your conditions you will want to return them and get your money back.

Here are some key questions you need to ask:

• How long do you have to return the vitamins to get your refund?
• How long will the refund take?
• Can you get a refund on the same card you used to purchase them?
• What are the postage and package guidelines?
• Will the company pay for postage and package or will you?

If you follow these steps you can protect yourself against the adverse side effects of vitamins.

6. Ask for Recommendations and Reviews

Another important step you must take is to ask for online customer reviews and recommendations. You must look at the whole picture and decide for yourself as some online customer reviews might be dishonest or the reviewer might have a vendetta against the company.

Take account of the overall percentage of the reviews and if most of them are positive and from different people from around the world then this is a great sign.

If all of the online customer reviews are pointing to the same thing about the vitamins such as they don’t work or they have given the user a particular side effect it might be worth taking note.

Reach out to the people who wrote the review if possible and see if you can get further details.

Also, be sure to see how old those reviews are and if the company has responded. They may have taken action and resolved the central complainant of those reviews to ensure their vitamins are better. You can, therefore, discard those reviews.

Friends and Family

Friends and family are other great places to ask for recommendations about ingredients for vitamins as you know and trust them. You can listen to their experiences and see if they fit with what you want from your vitamins.

Remember it’s important to combine recommendations with your own research and your own knowledge about your health.

Try not to take advice from family members or friends you are not that close too as they won’t be as invested in making sure you have a great experience.

7. Avoid Amazon

We all love Amazon and similar sites such as eBay. They create an amazing marketplace for anyone to become a seller.

But there are certain products you should buy and others that are not suitable for purchase. Vitamins are surely one of them.

There is not yet enough regulation over third-party sellers to enable you to make an informed decision about whether the vitamins you are buying or genuine. If you insist on buying from Amazon or eBay then only buy from them directly. Do not use its market place.

While Amazon does make it very easy to get a refund and their review system is great, it’s not infallible and you can still get scammed by counterfeit products.

8. Buying Direct Costs More

Buying direct from a company that manufacturers drugs cost more. So you need to find a balance between cost and reputation. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for research then buying direct can be a viable option. If you are going to do this then buying in bulk might be a better option.

If you have more time then it’s highly recommended that you find a reputable third-party seller registered with the FDA, not a manufacturer. This is the perfect middle ground.

9. Shopping for Vitamins: Research Pays Off

Shopping on the internet might seem so easy. You just type in what you want and it comes up. But it’s not as simple as this. If you just use Google you can end up ripped off.

By doing your research thoroughly you can ensure you get the best value for money and do not end up ripped off or ill from the vitamins you take. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, being healthy is most important.

If you are interested in reading about shopping for vitamins be sure to check out the rest of our site.