Easy & Free Ways to Show Your Spouse You Love Them

Showing affection and love to your partner is very important in making a relationship prosper. Showing them that you love them will make your partner feel secure about your relationship.

However, as much as we say that we love our significant other, you can show it more by giving them love and affection. If you think that this is a hard and time-consuming task, it is not. Little things can go a long way when it comes to showing someone how you feel. 

To help you let your special someone know that they are everything, here are easy and free ways to show your spouse you love them.

Be a Mindful Listener

You might not know, but hearing and mindful listening are two entirely different things. You can be a partner who is just “hearing” the things that your partner says, but being a “listener” is much better.

When having a day to day conversation you can just let what your loved one said to go in your ear and pass through the other, however, you can be a good listener who pays attention and with an intent understands them. This also means that you just not absorb what your partner is saying, but also be an active participant in the conversation by asking thoughtful questions and giving input.

Be a mindful listener that pays attention when your partner is telling you something, watch their body language and their tone. By being a mindful listener, you are letting your loved one know that you are interested in how they feel and that you love them.

Make Time for Them

It is not about having a lot of time, it is about making time for them. You might have a full-time job that takes up most of your day, but just a text or a call for an update can make them feel a lot more. Relationships tend to sink if couples don’t have time for each other. Even just a quick lunch or dinner date can make your partner feel that you are spending quality time together.

You don’t need a grand gesture or a whole day, but to make an effort to include them in your plans is a smart move. A healthy relationship can have a balance of giving a person time to grow and can still make time for each other. 

Send Them Random Messages

Think about the last time you sent your partner a message that is not asking about what they are eating and what they are doing. You should send them random messages like funny jokes that made you laugh, interesting things you saw on the internet, or brighten their day and surprise them with romantic love messages that will make them feel that you are thinking of them.

Nowadays, when two people in a relationship get comfortable with each other, we tend to forget to tell how we feel. Sending them these messages may seem like a small gesture, but it will make them feel that you appreciate them. You can send it through a text message, write it in cards, or even a simple note on the refrigerator. 

Cook Their Favorite Food

Dining in restaurants is easy and can become a routine when regularly done, to spice things up, you should cook their favorite food every once in a while. Whether it’s breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner, it will make them feel that you are making an effort in cooking their favorite food. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple or not extravagant, but the fact that you are trying is enough.

If you’re not sure about what to do, you can ask them beforehand or you can search recipes online if you want it to be a surprise. You can take it a notch by making it breakfast in bed, candlelit dinner, or an outdoor- garden lunch. 

Get to Know Each Other’s Friends

This might seem unusual, but getting to know your partner’s friends can be a big help in your relationship. It can make them feel like you want to be part of their lives and that you accept everyone in it. It can also be a good way to spend more time and not divide it between two.

If you are torn between going about with your mates and having a day out with your partner, why not invite all of them together? This way you can know each other’s circle, it can be guaranteed that this will help in your relationship.

Help With Their Chores

Doing chores can be overwhelming sometimes, may it be doing the dishes, loading up laundry, watering the plants, or walking the dog. You can help them with the chores to make them feel better, it can be a thoughtful way to think of them. It will make them feel better since they are not expecting you to do it, moreover, it will free up their time and you can spend more time together.

You may not always notice it, but doing chores can easily be tiring and time-consuming. Even with these little gestures, you can show that you love them.

Be Spontaneous

You don’t need a 7-day plan trip to Macedonia or an expensive gift to swoop your partner off their feet. Just invite your partner for a walk in the park spontaneously or pick a flower for them in the yard as a gift will make them happy. It will surprise you how something spontaneous can make your partner happy. 

Reading this list hopefully enlightens you that not only extravagant gestures can make your partner feel that you love them. This easy, little, and mostly freeways that you do every day can add up in a big way.

With just your time, effort, appreciation, and love, it can lead to a happy and meaningful relationship. It can be a small attempt, but this can also show that you are intimate and willing to connect with your partner in every aspect.