Small Bathroom, Big Impact: Space-Saving Solutions for Seattle Homes

Small bathrooms present huge challenges for Seattle homeowners. When remodeling, you will want to maximize the space and increase the storage to keep it from looking cluttered. Lacking room for the things you need makes it an inefficient space and can make you feel more stressed out.

When it comes to a home remodeling seattle, homeowners must consider a few things. Once you set your budget and priorities, you may find that one of these smart space-saving solutions can help your small bathroom make a big impact.

Customize Your Vanity

While stock cabinetry is always more affordable, you have limited size and shape options. Choosing customized vanities or cabinetry gives you better storage solutions that truly fit your space without taking up more square footage than necessary in your bathroom. A Seattle bathroom contractor will know how to get the right fit for you.

Built-In Medicine Cabinets

Cluttered counters are never a good look, no matter the size of a bathroom. Built-in medicine cabinets add depth and width, allowing you to tuck away all the things you need while keeping them within your reach.

Add Hooks

Adding hooks by the shower, behind the door, or in any open wall space can give you a proper place for more than just your towels. You can use them for bathrobes, toilet paper, or a decorative organizer that makes use of your wall space rather than countertops.

Think Vertically

In any small space, especially a cramped bathroom, always think vertically. Going up the height of your walls with storage space will help you create more room. When cabinets and vanities jut out too much, there’s little room to move around. There are plenty of innovative storage solutions that can be built up the walls such as shelving over the bathroom sink or toilet. In addition to keeping things out of the way, it adds vertical length to the room to make it appear larger.

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are another masterful way for a small bathroom to make a big impact. These give you more surface space to store your self-care products, decorative items, and rolled towels.

Try Unconventional Solutions

Remodeling a small bathroom to provide more storage and space requires creativity. A good contractor can help you look for every way to optimize the space. Deep cabinets can be fitted with roll-out organizers, your countertop can be extended over the back of the toilet for surface area, and if you have a tub, you can remove it. These smart solutions can take a cramped and uncomfortable bathroom and turn it into a functional haven in your home.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be a curse. While many people remodel and extend space out to get more square footage in this room, it’s not always possible. When you need to work with a small bathroom, these tips will enhance the space you have.