5 Small Porch Ideas

It can seem quite a challenge to decorate or renovate a small front porch. However, don’t allow the small space to put you off.

A small porch can offer a unique experience, and with the right updates, you can create something really special. By making the most of the space you have, you can create a beautiful entrance and an intriguing first impression of your home.

Adding a porch to your home can provide a lot of character and greatly improve your home’s kerb appeal. Below is a list of 5 small porch ideas to help spark some inspiration.

Oak Framed Porch

If you have an oak framed house, an oak framed porch seems like the perfect option. However, did you know that you don’t need to have an oak framed house to take advantage of the beauty that an oak framed porch provides? Even those without oak framed houses can add some character and warmth by incorporating this beautiful timber style of a porch to their home’s entrance.

There are many different types of oak framed porches to choose from, and these all add a bit of elegant style. In many cases, these are quite easy to construct and can be relatively cheap in comparison to some other small porch styles.

Simple Overhanging Porch

If you have a modern-looking home, a simple overhang can do wonders. With this type of porch’s simplistic and minimalistic design, you can create a gorgeous contemporary entrance to your home.

Overhanging porches can be made from various materials and can come in many different colours to match the appearance of the rest of your property. Plus, due to the limited number of materials needed, this type of porch can be relatively low-cost compared to some other porch types.

Consider adding some modern porch lights to the overhang. Integrated spotlights are an excellent idea. This can help add some style to your porch during the darker hours and provide some safety elements.

Statement Porch

If you really want to have a big impact on the appearance of your home, then a unique statement porch may be the way to go. Despite the small space, think big with your ideas. You could consider creating a porch made completely out of glass. Something striking and contemporary like this can even work well in traditional homes.

A fully frameless glass porch won’t take away any of the characteristics of your existing home. Consider adding a slope to the roof which follows the same shape as your home’s roof. The more unique your porch is, the more striking and inviting it will be.

Structural Columns

For those who like the appearance of a traditional home, a porch featuring structural columns could be the best option. Columns can be made from various materials such as wood, stone, or marble.

If you want to create a grand entrance with the small space that you have, columns can really help you achieve this. When choosing the columns, it’s important to ensure that they match well with the rest of your home.

Canopy Porch

If the front of your house is flat, you can add some element of depth by adding a canopy porch. Many new homes lack depth and may appear slightly 2D. A canopy porch can work wonders to bring your house to life and add some character.

A small timber canopy can work really well when incorporated with the same roof tiles that you have in your home. This can help it to work well with the main house. The small size of this type of porch means that no light is blocked from your main entrance.