5 Ways SMS Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

In this digital age, text message (SMS) marketing is a unique strategy to help you draw more customers to your business. With millions of users engaged with their mobile phones, text marketing campaigns are more likely to be opened and reviewed than any other message type, including email.

Research shows that more than 90% of text marketing messages are opened and read in less than three minutes. Most people carry their phones with them everywhere they go and are more likely to check it when they receive an SMS alert.

With this type of reach, it’s crucial to include this type of marketing in your business. Most text messaging campaigns can be synced with your other strategies easily and quickly.

Successful businesses are always looking to evolve their marketing efforts. With the ease and simplicity of text message marketing through Tatango, you can reach new customers and draw in new interest to your business. Let’s look at a few ways text message marketing can help you to grow your small business.

1. Attract New Customers

Every customer can be drawn in by the advertising of an exclusive offer. Through a text message marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to give new customers the chance to receive the latest news, product launches, and discounted prices. Text messaging provides the perfect platform for creating a personalized offer to new customers and encouraging them to become rewarded loyal clients.

Businesses need to be cautious and comply with the FCC rulings of the CAN-SPAM Act, which prevents companies from sending unsolicited advertising through text messaging. You must receive permission from potential customers to send them more information about your products before initiating your SMS campaign.

2. Develop Loyal Customer Relationships

The instant contact and conversation that can be initiated through text message marketing can be a valuable relationship-building tool between businesses and customers. Customers are more likely to become loyal users if they feel that they receive personalized care and attention. You can use your SMS campaign to stay in contact with loyal customers, update them on upcoming events and extend special offers that reward loyalty.

Taking care of your customers and developing strong relationships should always be a priority. When you initiate a conversation through SMS marketing messages, you can keep your clients engaged and informed.

Customers will feel like they are part of your team when you offer them incentives and ask them for their feedback. Encourage your customers to sign up to receive text messages and bring them into the fold where you can build your relationship and trust.

3. Customer Engagement

When a customer receives a text from your business, it should require some sort of response or a call to action. Asking questions about suggested service updates or texting a poll of some design that initiates a two-way conversation can be a powerful marketing tool. Customers that are made to feel special through exclusive offers and insider deals are more likely to remain loyal and recommend your business to others.

Everyone wants to believe that their opinions are valued. When you connect with your customers through text message marketing, you are essentially bringing in a valuable team member. Introducing new products, asking for feedback and encouraging customers to review their service, can help you to remain engaged and educated about how to improve your business.

4. Expanded Campaigns

Many businesses focus on email marketing and special event marketing to draw in new customers. Text messaging marketing can be easily integrated into other areas of your marketing strategy. Your email lists can be combined with your text message list to expand your reach without any effort.

While email marketing has been shown to be effective, it doesn’t provide the instant reaction that you can get through text message marketing. Most people carry their phones with them and are more likely to quickly respond to a text than they are to open and respond to an email. When you sign up for a text message campaign you can easily contact all of your enrolled customers and combine your efforts into one contact stream.

5. Reduce Your Marketing Budget

Business owners are always looking for ways to save money. Text message marketing has a high return on investment and is easy to manage. Compared to print and television media advertising, text messaging costs only a few cents to get started with your first campaign.

With smaller costs and increased reach, text message marketing is a winning marketing strategy. Small businesses that are just starting out can benefit from the savings they will enjoy through a text message marketing campaign. Once you have a list of your contacts, you can reach your customers easily, quickly, and affordably as often as you wish.

Businesses in every industry take advantage of the instant connection, expanded reach, and exciting interaction that text message marketing campaigns can provide. Your business should consider getting on board and taking advantage of the sales-boosting power of a text message marketing campaign.