Snake Symbolism: What Does It Mean?

When you think of the classic image of a snake, what comes to mind? The sinuous shape, beady eyes, and sinister shape are common answers. All these traits make snakes a great deal more ominous than other animals of equal size.

Do you know about snake symbolism? If you enjoy being in the presence of a snake, it is worth learning a little about what red patterns mean.

We are here to help you understand more about the symbolism of snakes. Keep reading to discover the hidden meaning behind snakes.


Snake symbolism has been used throughout history to represent protection. Ancient Egyptians associated snakes with the preservation of life, as cobras were often seen placed atop mummies to serve as protection during the journey into the afterlife.

The Greek god Hermes was often seen with a staff entwined by two snakes, representing the powerful protection bestowed upon him.

Additionally, in Christianity, there are references to serpent symbolism as messengers of guardian angels, protecting people from danger and even encouraging them to do good works.


Snake symbolism has a range of meanings, including charm. Snakes are seen to be magical, seductive, and secretive creatures. This makes them the perfect animal to represent charm.

They have a mysterious aura surrounding them, which makes their presence irresistible. On the surface, snakes may seem cold and mysterious, but they are also capable of astounding kindness and loyalty.

This can be related to charm as someone with charm has the power to captivate you – charming people often make others feel comfortable and cared for, which is the same reaction you would have when observing a snake.


Snake symbolism can represent healing. In many cultures, the snake is revered for its healing properties and mysteriousness. For example, in Ancient Greek culture, a version of the story of Asclepius tells of the god Apollo giving a Baby Snake to Asclepius as a symbol of his gift of healing.

In Chinese culture, the notion of the snake being associated with healing is even stronger. It is believed that the energy of the snake can help to restore balance and equilibrium in a person’s life, as well as facilitate healing in all areas, physical, mental, and emotional.

Snake symbolism, then, can be seen to represent healing, particularly if it is found appearing in one’s dreams. In such cases, the snake may be seen as a guide offering assistance to help the dreamer heal from illness, negative energy, and trauma.

This makes snake symbolism a powerful sign of renewal and transformation in one’s life.

Rebirth and Eternity

Snake symbolism can represent the never-ending cycle of life and death. It sheds its skin each year and enters into a new form, representing the idea of transformation.

Because snakes frequently appear in myths and legends, they are often seen as wise and powerful creatures. The unending spiral of the snake is also associated with eternity and can be used to symbolize timelessness and strength.

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Snake symbolism often relates to stealth due to the animal’s agility and ability to hide in tight spaces. It has long been associated with protection and wisdom, as well as with the darker aspects of life, such as deception and knowledge of occult sciences.

Natives saw snakes as being able to move around stealthily in the night, and this could represent a person’s ability to go unseen as they maneuvered out of difficult and dangerous situations.

Primal Energy

In some cultures, the snake is associated with a source of power that can manifest in both negative and positive ways. The image of the snake is associated with fierce and powerful energy, which can be seen as a representation of personal growth and change.

The shedding of the snake’s skin is a powerful metaphor that stands for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Additionally, the snake’s venom can be seen as a warning to be careful and mindful of how we use our power.

By recognizing the power of snake symbolism, we can become more in touch with our primal energy and use it in a positive way to break old patterns and move toward transformation.


Snake symbolism has deep ties to the idea of fertility. In many cultures around the world, snakes are seen as being overflowing with fertility and life-giving energy. This is why they are often depicted wrapped around fertility goddesses and taking on the form of fertility necklaces.

The ancient Greeks believed that snakes embodied both life and death, which could be seen through their shedding of skin. This conveying of death into new life could explain the fertility associations with snakes.

Additionally, these slithering creatures are known to mate with each other for longer periods of time than most other animals, which could further explain why they have strong ties to fertility. All in all, snakes are a powerful symbol that represents fertility, growth, and new life.

Learn All About Snake Symbolism

The snake symbolizes many things across the globe. In many cultures, it serves as a reminder that we must continually traverse the path between life and death peacefully and without fear.

Embody the strength and resilience of the snake in your life: reflect, adapt, grow, and never fear the journey ahead. It’s time to take the plunge. Let the snake symbolism be your guide.

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