Social Media Marketing: Types, Tools & Tips

Recently, social media has become more than a place to socialize. Since the pandemic, more companies have created stronger social media platforms for marketing. Although this is the case, social media marketing is more than just having a profile and posting pictures and videos. There are strategies that you should utilize to create a stronger brand. In addition, there are platforms like Cloutsy SMM which can help boost and promote your content on social media platforms. 

This article will highlight the types of social media marketing, social media marketing tools, and how to use them to build a solid brand online. 

Types of Social Media Marketing

Some of the commonly used methods of social media marketing include:

  • Advertising or sponsorship: deals with visual and audio marketing through non-personal messaging and public funding to sell a product or service. 
  • Content marketing: making and distributing content to attract and maintain customers.
  • Influencer marketing: using a renowned person like a YouTuber or blog writer to convince your target audience to buy a product or service. 

What Are the Types of Social Media Marketing Tools?

1. Social Media Scheduling tools

First, there are social media scheduling tools. As the name indicates, these tools make it easier to plan and track every social media message you’ve made on any social media platform. In addition, they make it easier for you to work with a vast social media team and plan your future posts more efficiently. 

2. Social Media Engagement Tools

Social media engagement tools help your brand become visible and efficient on various social media platforms. In addition, the engagement tools keep you in touch with your customers online, building customer loyalty. 

An example of utilizing social media engagement tools to your advantage is reviewing your management systems. This ensures you can manage tasks better, read customer comments and give relevant replies and feedback. 

Another way social media engagement tools can assist in marketing is by assigning messages to different teams in your profile and showing your entire social media history. 

3. Social Media Analytics Tools

If you want to measure your brand growth in the various social media profiles, this is where social media analytics will help. Social media analytics tools give you a bigger picture of your social media accounts and your efforts to analyze your performance in different social networks better. 

In short, through social media analytics tools, you can determine which social media platforms have effectively strengthened your brand, which haven’t, and where you need to put more effort. 

4. Social Media Listening Tools

These tools assist in reaching the standards that your target audience expects of your brand or business. Reading the comment sections gives you an insight into what your customers want. In addition, social media listening tools can be interchanged with social media monitoring tools to understand your target audience better and provide them with what they want. 


There are many types of social media marketing tools. The ones discussed above are some of the main software used in social media marketing that are essential to building a solid brand. When you combine these tools, you will notice that it is easier to manage your accounts and market your product or service through various social media platforms. So, try them today and see your brand grow.