6 Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Reporting Tool

Being in charge of social media strategy is not about scrolling Facebook up and down and checking out whether someone commented on your newest piece of content. It is more than that, and social media reporting is one of the most crucial parts of each and every social media strategy.

Without proper analytics, your strategy could be in vain and your efforts may not be seen nor appreciated.

Why do you need a social media reporting tool? Let’s find out.

Social media reporting tools for saving time

Social media reporting software can save you a lot of time on creating reports manually. In the past (or even now) social media managers had to download a lot of data in the form of Excel spreadsheets or even count some statistics manually. Needless to say that it took a lot of time that they should have spent on more creative processes within their organization.

With social media reporting tools, it is simply much quicker and easier, and they can have their tedious tasks fully automated. How great is that?

Social media reporting dashboards for saving money

With social media analytics, you can save a lot of money as well. We are not only talking about money spent on various social media reporting software tools (you really do not need more than one reliable social media reporting tool, such as NapoleonCat: https://napoleoncat.com/features/report/), but also on campaigns that simply do not work.

Social media reporting tools for evaluating your performance

A social media reporting dashboard can indicate the performance of your team and the content that you are in charge of preparing.

Without transparent information, it can be really difficult to find out whether your content performs well or… not necessarily, but also whether your team can handle the pressure and is skilled enough to deliver the best communication.

Social media reporting tools for finding the best content

Social media reporting metrics can show you the best pieces of content so that you can focus on creating more of them and trying to scale your metrics.

Instead of spending time on preparing content that does not convert as desired, you can instead concentrate fully on what works best. Numbers don’t lie, so you should definitely befriend reporting.

Social media reporting for recognizing problems

With a social media reporting tool, it is much easier to identify bottlenecks in your communication. The type of content can be one thing, but maybe some of the posts did not have the desired engagement rate or their reach was not satisfying? Or, maybe it is all about fragile community management that does not meet the requirements of a particular audience?

Social media reports can show you a lot – both good and bad – and help you adjust these pieces of advice accordingly. Without comprehensive analytics and optimization of your efforts, the problems can stack up, and from small issues become a huge crisis. It is another reason for which a social media reporting tool should be a must-have in your company if you want to grow.

Social media reporting for better communication with your clients

Social media reporting tools, as the name indicates, are responsible for providing analytics and also generating reports that you can send almost directly to your clients.

With a proper tool, you can get that report nicely explained such that your clients won’t have any further questions and will have a complete understanding of what you are doing with their communication.

Instead of spending time on trying to untangle statistics, get it automated and done professionally while you instead take charge of other processes that are equally, or even more, important for your organization. That is why it is so important to invest in a reliable social media reporting tool that, preferably, has many in-depth functions.

If it delivers features like scheduling or a social inbox for better community management, then it is even better for you and for your company as you will save even more time. The best way to find the best tool is… to give them a try, so we highly encourage you to do so.