How To Find The Best Solar Panel Installation Company Nearby?

Solar energy is the fastest-growing energy source, currently producing slightly over 2% of the world’s energy. While we’re still a long way from seeing a complete wind and solar-dependent planet, the future seems promising in light of recent trends. Even developing countries are hopping on the solar energy bandwagon to usher in a more sustainable future.

However, you don’t have to run an entire country to embrace solar energy. Simply Googling “solar panel installation company near me” will expose you to hundreds of solar panel installation companies ready to do your bidding. All you have to do is select the best one from the pack, but that’s where most people have a problem.

With the myriad of solar companies available on the world wide web, picking just one from the whole lot can be a bit challenging. Of course, you can always choose the company with the cheapest rates, but that’s not always a good idea because sometimes cheap is expensive.

In this post, we’ll be looking at ways to single out the best solar installation company for your home’s solar panel installation.

Explore All Your Options

The first rule when in the market for a solar installer is to get quotes from multiple companies. That way, you can get a quote that fits your budget and look at the various discounts and bonuses the companies offer.

It’s also a good technique for sidestepping shady companies that want to defraud you. For instance, some companies may quote large solar system units that are way big for your home’s energy demand. That way, they can get a higher profit for installing a larger unit.

Also, be wary of companies that are overly optimistic about the amount of power a solar unit might produce. A genuine company might point out issues with your roof orientation and other factors that may hurt the solar panels’ power production. Remember, when it’s too good to be true, then maybe it isn’t.

Unscrupulous companies are looking to make a sale, even if they know the solar unit won’t work. If two out of the three quotes you receive say that a solar unit won’t do you much good, then it’s best to ignore the third quote. Getting multiple quotes lets you know the truth of the matter and lets you whittle down to one or two companies worth your time and money.

Experience Is Key

You’ll be way better off choosing a company with years of experience in the solar industry. This doesn’t mean you should dismiss newer solar companies; however, tread carefully with them.

In most cases, experience correlates with the quality of service and technical competence. Furthermore, experienced companies are likely to be still in operation all through the warranty service years.

When looking for a solar installation company, find one with at least five years of experience, nothing less. If you find a company with over ten years of experience, you’ll have hit the jackpot. You can know a solar company‘s experience by looking at its BBB profile.

The Better Business Bureau or BBB is an online resource for looking up a business’s performance or trustworthiness. It’s also an excellent resource for learning about any solar installation company you’re considering.

Only Deal With Licensed Contractors

Before you sign any papers, inquire whether the solar company in question has a valid license. Different states have different requirements for solar licenses. You can look at the solar company licensing requirements for your state on the Interstate Renewable Energy Council website.

It’s worth noting that some states don’t require solar installation companies to have licenses. For some states, contractors with an electrician’s license are free to install solar panels. Don’t be quick to write off a company without a license until you first check your state’s licensing requirements.

Also, make sure the company has a photovoltaic installation license and not a solar thermal license. The former is for installing electricity, while the latter is for water-heating installations. If your state requires solar companies to have licenses ensure you ask for the license number to look it up online and check whether it’s valid.

Don’t Use Price as Your Main Selection Criteria

The average price of a solar panel installation is roughly about $20,000. This is by no means cheap, but the long-term savings on energy costs will make up for it. That said, price shouldn’t be your primary consideration for selecting a solar installation company.

Solar companies with very low prices tend to use low-quality components for their solar panel systems. That’s the only way such companies make a profit with very low prices.

Conversely, higher prices don’t also guarantee better quality. You’ll have to find a company that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality of service. To do so, you’ll need to explore all your options and find a solar company that fits your budget.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are first-hand accounts of other clients’ experiences with a company. Any solar panel installation company worth its name will have a review page on its website. You can read about how clients feel about the service, the cost, and how they treat their clients on the review page.

However, be wary of reviews that sound too generic or give too much praise. Some solar companies doctor their own reviews to tricks potential clients. Expect at least a complaint or two because even the best solar companies aren’t perfect.

You can also check out review sites like Yelp and BBB to know the kind of company you’re working with.

What’s the Best Solar Panel Installation Company Nearby?

Hopefully, the information above will help you find the best solar company in your location. It all starts with googling, “solar panel installation company near me” but this search query can take you into a never-ending rabbit hole. Use the above tips and find a solar company that will meet your specific needs.

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