Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life: Alone Or With A Partner

Did you ever wonder why sex makes you feel so good? Getting frisky is proven to significantly boost your mood, primarily because sex triggers the brain to release endorphins, a feel-good chemical. 

If you are looking to spice things up, regardless of whether you are alone or with a partner, here are the top 3 guaranteed ways of entering sexual paradise. 

Try Something New: Change Is Always Good 

Humans are wired for novelty under the sheets; hence, when you start having the same routine, the excitement of sex and exploring sensual experiences can wear off pretty quickly. 

But do not worry! This certainly does not mean that your sex life is doomed forever. Instead, it simply means that it’s time to start trying something new to bring more heat under the sheets. Why not search about the holy grail of cum and see how it will help you spice up your sex life.

There are many sites online that can give lots of new ideas to do this, Escape Vanilla is one of them, just by the name, you know it’s not the ordinary.

• Try New Sex Positions 

While it can be hard to step outside your comfort zone, changing up your sex positions every once in a while can unlock even more pleasure. If you are used to locking gaze into each other’s eyes with the missionary position, it is now time to explore different positions without a predictable sexual script. 

You can always start with the easier ones, such as doggy style, cowgirl, or legs on the shoulder. Whenever you are ready to further your sex life, maybe look into some advanced positions like the butterfly, the splitter, or the sideway straddle.

You can use the Kama Sutra as a reference to give you endless possibilities. You may want to talk it out with your partner first or surprise her by quickly positioning her into a wild ride she won’t forget.

The spontaneity will make you both reach the ultimate heights of orgasm. Who knows, your romantic aggressiveness will rub off on her and make her want to initiate wilder things in the future. 

Challenge Your Senses 

If you are still wary of changing positions, you can always change things up by shifting your sensory experiences; perhaps starting small by adding a blindfold will stir things up for sure. Without being able to see, your partner’s senses will be heightened. 

Take things to the next level by experimenting with objects, including ice, feathers, and essential oils. The mystery of a different touch is always exciting. If taking away your senses is a better way for your partner and you to get aroused, expect this to be your new norm. 

Playing soft sensual music can give the room a nice stage for a night of delightful lovemaking while playing upbeat hip hop music can take you off the edge and give your night a more fun sexual vibe. Whatever you feel like playing, what’s important will be your ability to internalize and allow the music to lead you to your sexual fantasies.

Find Your Favorite Accessories 

Want to make things a lot more exciting under the sheets? Sex toys are the key to unlocking a happier, healthier sex life. Being a novelty enjoyed by both your partner and you, sex toys can help you both stay satisfied without putting too much pressure on the other.

Not sure where to begin? Try a couples’ vibrator. These sex toys are always a treat to add to your sex life. Think of it as adding a third party but without the emotional attachment. With different forms of stimulation available, from vibrating to pulsing and even penetration, these vibrating toys will make your sexual encounter extend way beyond your ordinary orgasm. However, you need to look for premium quality. If anything, you do not want to jeopardize having a fun time. 

Never Skip Roleplay – Who Doesn’t Like A Faux Affair? 

Roleplays can be a fool-proof, exciting way of adding some spice to your sex life without having to go way out of your comfort zone. For some, even preparing for a roleplay can be sexually arousing. 

How to get started? We will leave that to your creativity. Sit down to discuss how you want to go about your roleplay with your partner. From planning a visit to your local doctor to having a faux love affair, the options are endless when it comes to using your imagination. 

If you are feeling mysterious, try surprising your partner with a situation they are fond of. Changing your identity by adding a fierce pair of heels or maybe even leaving your socks on can do wonders beyond your imagination.

Nothing that an excellent costume can do to keep the mind in an overboard of delight. Tonight, you can be a caring nurse tending a wounded soldier. The next night you can be college students doing a quickie in the hallway. The only limit will be your imagination, so go ahead and act them out.

Create A Safe Space By Sharing Your Fantasies 

Grab a glass of wine, waste no time, and discuss all your fantasies. Let your natural curiosity develop on the same wavelength as that of your partners, and you will feel closer to them than ever. 

If you are unsure about how your partner might feel, well, no two fingers are the same! Everyone has their fantasies, something they enjoy in bed, and even some experiences they want to explore. You can always opt for sharing your most erotic fantasies by setting the mood, lighting some candles, and playing intimate music. The chances are that what you suggest is a big turn-on for your partner, just as much as it is for you. 

If your relationship is in a good place, regardless of what you label it as, remembering that you are two completely different people with separate identities might come naturally to you. Always be open to your partner’s fantasies and desires, especially if they are open to yours. Sexual satisfaction can play a huge role in your relationship’s intimacy and closeness. 

Most importantly, have fun together. After all, keeping the passion alive can help create more desire than you think, spicing up your sex life with little effort.