Five Areas To Splurge On A Wedding

Weddings are costly, there’s no denying that. Did you know in the US alone, the average wedding back in 2020 was $20,300? That was during a pandemic! Imagine the rising cost of a wedding nowadays.

While a wedding can be costly, there are areas of a wedding that don’t require a lot of money thrown at it. Other areas of a wedding can be well worth making the expenditure for. With this in mind, here are five areas to splurge on a wedding in 2023.

The wedding dress

Who can deny this as being one of the most important parts of the wedding? Unless one is totally against the tradition of wearing a wedding dress, this should likely be the area where the most money is spent.

A person who wears a wedding dress has likely dreamt of this moment for a long time. That should mean that the wedding dress chosen is one that was meant for the bride-to-be. It should emote that feeling of certainty that the dress is in fact the one that they should be wearing on the day. That feeling is priceless in value.

The rings

For rings, it’s important to do the research and pick out the best bands possible. For most, that does rely on spending a small fortune to get the right rings.

The Blue Nile reviews at is one example of looking online for providers of jewelry, particularly when it comes to wedding rings. It’s important that the money is spent wisely and that means doing research.

Take a look at what retailers are out there and don’t be afraid to shop around to find the right rings. These are something that will be worn for the remainder of the couple’s lifetime so they need to be good quality.

Photographers and videographers

Photographers and videographers are two key areas to spend on the wedding. They’re going to be capturing every moment of the day, from start to finish. Those photos and videos will be something that the married couple looks back on time and time again. They’ll be shown to family, friends, and future generations.

That’s why it’s important to think about investing a bit more money in a professional photographer and talented videographer.

Food and drink

The one part of the wedding day that wedding guests will most likely judge, is the food and drink. It’s something to be hot on when it comes to planning the spread.

For some venues, they may offer these services in-house and others will allow the couple the opportunity to bring caterers in.

Food and drink are going to help keep the guests fed and watered, especially those who are attending the entire day. Make sure they’re well provided for.


Entertainment is a good one because it’s going to get people on their feet, even when they’re several drinks in by that point. Consider what entertainment is worth investing in and spend it!

Splurging on a wedding is worthwhile but doesn’t need to be done for everything. The areas above are most likely to be the more meaningful areas.