Top Starting Jobs For College Graduates

Even though you’ve completed your college education, you might think getting a job will be difficult since you have no prior experience. However, there are plenty of entry-level jobs you can get to acquire the necessary experience and skills needed for your dream career. Not to mention, entry-level positions do play a role in helping people choose a career path, should they not have one figured out.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best starting jobs for college graduates.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service is one of those fields where there will never not be a demand for workers. In fact, customer service is one of the easiest jobs to get into because they’re not strict with the application requirements. All you really need is your high school diploma or something similar, like a GED. From there, you have to fill out the application platform and specify what role you want.

Remember how it was mentioned that entry-level positions can help those figure out what career is right for them? A lot of people who participate in this field often find themselves wanting to take more of a leadership role or decide to open their own business. Either way, if you graduated with only an associate’s, you’ll need to obtain at least your bachelor’s degree for these careers.

A BA in business can cost an average amount of $50,000 or more depending on your college. To pay for it, you’ll want to take out a student loan. A student loan can help you finance your education expenses, aside from the tuition, like a new computer and textbooks.

Medical Assistant

If you’re someone who wants to get a career in the medical field, then this is the perfect job to start off with. A medical assistant is someone who handles the less-prioritized tasks of various medical professionals. These tasks include answering messages and phone calls, greeting and preparing the patients, and even scheduling out employees.

The act of becoming a medical assistant provides newcomers with a first-hand experience of what it’s like to work there. It also gives you an edge when getting accepted into medical school and securing a more difficult position in the field itself.

Junior Graphic Designer

In today’s society, many business owners require the aid and expertise of graphic designers to help add more life to their brand. The goals of a graphic designer are to create logos and design various things for their clients. A junior graphic designer can participate in these same duties, but they also work alongside other designers and use feedback to help them improve as well.

A Proofreader

Proofreaders are people who read over various writings, documents, and excerpts to make sure there are no omissions or grammatical errors. You might be thinking this is something anyone can do, and you’d be correct.

However, professional business owners, avid writers and even doctors who do medical reports require people to make sure everything is near-perfect. In fact, this is one of those positions you can make a full-blown career out of with enough clients.