What Stay at Homes Mums Can Do in Moments of Peace and Quiet

If you’re a stay-at-home Mum, you’ll know that getting a little bit of me-time is a rarity, so it’s important in those moments to make the most of them. What are the best things to do when you finally get a minute of peace and quiet all to yourself? Below are some suggestions.


This is probably the most obvious answer, but it needs to be said. Make the most of the small amount of time that you have to yourself by just kicking back and unwinding. Maybe have a nap, make a coffee or just zone out. These moments of tranquillity are rare, so there’s nothing wrong with using them to simply do nothing.

We often seem to beat ourselves up as human beings if we aren’t doing something we consider productive, whereas really, those moments of relaxation are well earned and should be enjoyed to their fullest extent.


In a similar vein, meditation is a really good exercise to do whenever you have a minute. It can be a great way to relieve stress, calm down and relax. By downloading a meditation app or simply giving yourself some time to focus on your breathing, you’ll feel 100% better afterwards and more prepared to face whatever the day has to throw at you.

Dive Into the Internet

With your phone, you have access to everything, all of the time, so why not explore a little bit of it in moments to yourself. Want new ideas on how to decorate your home? Visit Pinterest. Engage in a bit of online shopping? Try Amazon. Want to take up a new hobby such as poker or other casino games? Check out the array of online gambling content on Gamble Online. There’s something for everyone so why not have a look?

Go to the Shops

Of course, this is something you can do with your children as well, but when you go online there is less worry attached to the whole experience so that you don’t need to keep checking if everybody is okay. You are simply free to browse and peruse whatever you choose. You will have more time to consider what you really like and pick items.

Read a Book

One of the most taken up hobbies throughout lockdown was reading. It’s no wonder as reading can be one of the greatest forms of escapism available. Whether you want to learn something new, understand a theory surrounding a topic or be taken away to a different world, the number of books available that could accomplish all of those things is astounding.

Not to mention, thanks to the like of Kindles and e-readers, browsing new books and considering recommendations has never been easier. As soon as you have read a couple you like, the suggestions will start flooding in, so there’ll always be something for you to sink into.

Eat Junk Food

Treat yourself, you’ve earned it. Sit on the sofa, put on some television, and eat some of your favourite junk food. Why not?