6 Reasons Why Staycations Are Becoming the New Vacations 

A staycation is a period where a person participates in holiday activities in his or her home country instead of abroad. Recently, the trend has surged in several countries, such as Canada, with many people wondering; “why Canadians are choosing staycations over proper vacations.” These days, more people are finding peace by just relaxing and enjoying the quiet benefits of their homes.

In this article, we’ll be giving you several reasons why frequent staycations trump long vacations. 


Whether it’s international travel or domestic travel, if long-haul transportation is involved, then your travel bill will definitely spike. However, by opting for a staycation, you can avoid the exorbitant bills that come with traveling internationally, including transportation, accommodation, booking flights, and even expensive meals in unknown cities. 

Lower Travel Time

Since you don’t have to get on a long flight to reach your holiday destination, you can prioritize the most essential aspect of your journey: enjoying your holiday. Decreased travel time gives you more time to relax during your vacation, whether it’s hiking at a national park or treating yourself at a nearby spa. Furthermore, international travel requires a lot of organization and planning beforehand. All this planning can, at times, add some stress to your holiday. 

Support Your Local Economy 

A fantastic way to help boost tourism sustainability is by supporting local culture and businesses. We often do this on our international travels; however, there are also a variety of ways to accomplish this in your own city. Try out independently-owned Airbnbs and hotels in your city. Shop at the local farmer’s market where you can support local producers. By spending all this money in your city, you are indirectly supporting the local economy. 

No Jet Lag 

One of the worst aspects of international travel is jet lag. While jet lag might not seem like much of a problem, it can impact your entire vacation, making you grumpy and tired. However, if you go to a place nearby, you won’t have to cross any time zone, which means you will be well-rested and strong enough to enjoy your holiday. 

Avoid Airport Stress 

No one really enjoys the airport experience. You could be traveling quite early, standing in long queues, and struggling with lots of luggage. All this can make you extra tired, impacting your vacation. However, with a staycation, you can avoid airport stress and focus on relaxing. 

No Language Barrier

A major part of international travel is communicating with local individuals and immersing yourself in local culture. However, this is easier said than done because of the obvious language barrier. Locals will often nod their heads to make it seem like they’re agreeing with you, but with time, it becomes clearer that they barely understand you. This could affect your vacation, hindering you from participating in certain activities. 

Rather than hopping on a plane and traveling to the other side of the planet, why not stay put and discover the beauties of your city? There are numerous staycation ideas out there for you and your family