The Best Stock Storage Solutions For Your Business

One of the main things you will always need to be aware of with your business is finding a decent way to look after the stock. Whatever it is that you have in stock, and whatever you sell, you need to know how to keep it securely and affordably, so that you can avoid shrinkage and keep the business profitable.

As it happens, there are numerous solutions you may want to consider here, especially the brand new innovation of cheap secure mobile storage services, so let’s take a look at some of them right now. All of the following storage solutions are worth thinking about in some way or another in your business.

Self Storage

A lot of businesses these days use self storage facilities to store some of their stock. This is often used for stock that you don’t have an immediate use for, which you perhaps want to stow away for a period of time safely and secretly.

For that kind of situation, self storage facilities are indeed a great option, and you will find that most of them offer business packages that you might want to consider, and which can prove to be quite affordable on the whole. Take a look at the options in your area – you might be surprised.

Basement Stockroom

Of course, if you need to have your stock on site as much as possible, then you have other options to consider, one of which is to simply have a basement stockroom. If you already have a basement and you are not currently using it for this purpose, then you might want to look into repurposing the room for this reason.

You will need to make it safe and accessible, of course, and you’ll need to ensure that it is the right temperature for your stock, whatever that may be. But all in all, it’s a pretty handy solution, even if it means building a new basement in the building you are in.

Sheds & Outbuildings

Another way to store stock on-site is to make use of sheds and outbuildings. If you already have some in place, then you can obviously just use those, again making sure that your stock can be safely stored there. If not, you might need to look into building your own custom built shed or outhouse, and the beauty of that is that you could make it fit the purpose of your stock, ensuring safety compliance but also good quality storage for your specific stock.

Partnering Up

Finally, you may want to think about partnering up with another business, and sharing some stockroom space. Many businesses take this approach, and you might be surprised at how effective it can be. It is certainly cost-effective, and it allows you to offload some of the security issues as well as share costs associated with good stock control.

If you have the right partnership in place, this can be a great solution on the whole, so it’s worth looking at local businesses that have more stock room than you do. It could be all you need to do.