Holiday Shopping: 16 Best Stocking Stuffers For Your Pets That Are Actually Useful

As you’re finishing up your holiday shopping, don’t forget about the four-legged members of your family! There are plenty of great stocking stuffers for pets that are both fun and useful. You can choose wayfair vs overstock. Here are some of our favorites:

Things to consider before buying stocking stuffers for your pets:

1. Toys that stimulate your pet’s natural instincts, like a bird feeder for cats or a chew toy for dogs.

2. Interactive toys that challenge your pet’s intellect, like a puzzle feeder for dogs or a set of Catnip mice.

3. Fun treats that your pet will love, like flavored dental chews for dogs or salmon treats for cats.

4. A new bed or blanket to keep your pet cozy and warm this winter!

5. A new collar or tag with their name and your phone number on it, just in case they get lost.

6. A fun crate cover to keep them entertained when they have to stay in their crate for too long!

7. New grooming tools like a slicker brush or a pin brush for dogs, or a nail trimmer for cats.

8. Grooming wipes so you don’t have to drag out the water bowl and shampoo every time your pet has an “accident” on the rug!

9. New clothing items like a sweater vest (for small dogs) and holiday bandanas (for both small and big dogs).

10. A new toy that is guaranteed to be loved by your pet- like a new toy from Chewy!

11. Treats and other food items should not make up more than 10% of the total weight of your pet’s stocking.

12. Please make sure anything you put in your pets stocking is chewable/edible (safe for them to eat).

13. Do not use any stocking stuffers as a way to punish or correct poor behavior; please only reward good behavior with treats and toys!

14. Your pets might go crazy over these stocking stuffers, but don’t forget about their daily food and water bowls and where they sleep- don’t give them so much that they won’t have room for those important things! 🙂

16 Best Stocking Stuffers for Your Pets

1. Toys – Pets love toys, and there are tons of great options out there. If you have a dog, get them a toy that bounces erratically or floats on water. If you have a cat, get them a toy they can play with by themselves (like a scratching post for cats or a puzzle feeder for dogs).

2. Treats – Everyone loves getting treats, and pets are no exception. Choose wisely, though – some treats can be dangerous for pets. Stick to low-calorie, healthy treats to avoid excessive weight gain.

3. Collar – A new collar is a great choice for stocking stuffers because everyone needs one eventually (even if your pet doesn’t need it immediately, ask yourself when they last had their collar replaced). Why not get them one in time for winter? You can find festive collars with little ornaments on them.

4. Flea medication – Minimizing the effects of fleas and ticks is very important in warmer weather (and equally important during cold months). Keep your pet safe by buying them flea medication for the winter season.

5. Leash – It might be too chilly to take Fido out for walks right now, but that doesn’t mean a new leash isn’t a great idea. Get one that’s festive for the holidays or find a fun color to brighten up your pet’s day.

6. Bed – Pets love having their own beds, and there are some really cute ones on the market. If your pet doesn’t have a bed, now is the perfect time to get them one.

7. Food and water bowl – A new food or water bowl can be a great way to update your pet’s look (and it might come in handy if their old bowl is starting to show wear and tear).

8. Grooming tools – Even if your pet is perfectly groomed, it’s always nice to have a spare brush or comb on hand. This is especially important if you’re traveling over the holidays and might not have access to a groomer.

9. ID tags – This is an essential stocking stuffer for any pet, no matter what their age. Make sure your pet has current ID tags in case they get lost during the holidays.

10. Microchip – If you’re really concerned about your pet getting lost, consider microchipping them. This will ensure that they can be easily identified and returned to you if they ever wander off.

11. New bedding – If your pets are sleeping on blankets that are too small or thin, pick up some new bedding to keep them warm this winter.

12. Grooming wipes – Instead of dragging out the shampoo every time your pet has an “accident” on the rug, save yourself some time with grooming wipes. You can wipe down their fur after each mess so you don’t have to clean it right away.

13. Fitness tracker – Pets love getting in shape just as much as humans do! A fitness tracker can be a great way to encourage exercise in your pets…but please make sure they’re safe for use around dogs and cats before buying one!

14. Squeaky toys – Playing with squeaky toys is one of the most exciting things for dogs and cats. Get them a squeaky toy to play with when they’re on their own, or squeak it yourself for hours of entertainment.

15. Treat-dispensing toy – Puzzle feeders encourage problem solving in pets while providing them with treats over time. This is a fun way to keep your pet busy while you’re gone!

16. Collapsible food and water bowl – If you have a dog or cat who always seems to get into the trash whenever you leave the room, get them a collapsible food and water bowl that will stay put on the floor instead.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones (both two- and four-legged)! Have a happy and safe holiday season!