4 Helpful Tips To Stop Leg Aching After A Game Exercise

Having an intense workout, game or exercise can push the limits of your endurance. Your muscles are worked up heavily and will need time to recover. The leg muscles take one of the heaviest tolls whenever we do exercises and play games.

Aside from providing support for our bodies when we stand, they also help us generate power for lifting heavy objects, running, climbing and other activities involving moving the whole body. At the end of the day, we feel soreness and aching our legs. 

In order to quickly recover and be ready for another day of exercise, we’ll share below four helpful tips on how to stop leg aching.

Cooldown Stretches

Stretching your muscles is not just done when warming up. You also need to do static muscle stretches after a game or workout. Keep these stretches light and relaxed.

The reason for this is to ease the muscle tension from the exertion made during a game or workout. It also promotes good blood circulation and lowers the development of inflammation, which brings about the sore and aching feeling. Simple bending, stretching and rotation movements of the leg and the adjacent muscles can do the trick.

Follow Up with Natural Muscle Pain Remedies

Cooling down and stretching can provide temporary relief and delay the onset of muscle pain, especially in the leg area. To ensure that the pain and other signs of discomfort are relieved, you will need to use natural pain relief remedies. Essential oils from lavender, rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus can give a soothing sensation that will help your muscles relax.

Another effective muscle pain remedy is CBD hemp flower essential oil or topical cream. This remedy is particularly noteworthy because of CBD’s ability to interact and modulate the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which are spread across our entire bodies.

These receptors are also found in various muscle groups, and  CBD can effectively target them to control inflammation, which causes pain. Combining the natural calming effect of a massage with a potent anti-inflammatory remedy can provide a holistic relief not just for your leg ache, but all your muscle pains.

Go for the Nutritional and Dietary Remedy

If you are an athlete or if you are doing regular and scheduled exercise and workout sessions, it’s highly likely that you’ll be back in action before your muscles even fully recover. For the interval between your games and workouts, use it to give yourself proper nourishment and consume foods that can help your muscles recover immediately.

Provide yourself with foods rich in proteins and glycogens and foods have anti-inflammatory properties. Protein is important for building and maintaining your muscles, while glycogen provides that energy reserves that your muscles need during exertion.

Fatty fish and mushrooms provide you with both protein and antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation. Fresh fruits are rich in glycogens and they also have anti-inflammatory properties, particularly berries, avocados and grapes.

When your diet has a complete and balanced portion of protein, glycogen and anti-inflammatory nutrients, you are ensuring yourself of a fast and efficient recovery to be ready for another game and workout.

Hot and Cold Compress Still Work

Hot and cold compress can be applied to sore muscles independently of each other, but for best results, these two should be applied alternately. Cold compress is effective in stopping the swelling and pain of the muscles. Hot compress helps reduce swelling and improve the blood flow in the affected area by dilating the blood vessels.

While some athletes and fitness enthusiasts prefer to use either of the two compresses, it is recommended to apply both to hasten the recovery of your aching muscles. Depending on the level of discomfort, you can apply hot and cold compresses several times a day at regular intervals.

In the world of sports, exercise and bodybuilding, the popular “no pain, no gain” motto is very significant. In the quest to become a better player, bodybuilder or a healthy individual, pushing your body’s physical limits can be painful.

However, the beauty of such an effort is that the body emerges stronger and more resilient after constant training. So learn to endure and manage the pain in order to achieve the results you want with your body.