Clothes Storage Ideas: How To Store Your Winter Outfits

When the winter is over, the summer comes, and oh, it is so nice to finally get some sun! However, you will be left with hordes of your winter wear clogging up all the space for your summer gear! Not cool!

Sure you could just rotate your wardrobe, but that won’t make much of a difference, you will still be tight on space. So, what should you do? Well, you could get large clothes storage bags ideal for sweaters, or you could box up your clothes. 

Is there a right or wrong way to do it? Well, it is all up to you, so let’s give you some ideas.

Storing Winter Clothes – Much Needed Tips

Winter clothes and summer clothes will have one hell of a difference, mainly in size. Summer clothes are often thin, small, and easy to store in bulk because they do not take up much room. 

Winter clothes on the other hand are bulky, and hard to store. One coat, or even one sweater can take up the same amount of space as a pile of summer wear. 

You need to think about how you will store in a space-saving way even though your winter wear is bulky and space-consuming.

Sort Out Your Winter Wear

First, you should wash and dry all of your winter wear. Dirty clothing will attract pests and smell, it may also attract mold and mildew too. They will also stain easier, so give everything a wash before you store it.

If you have any items that are made from silk, wool, and cashmere, never store these in a plastic bag, you want to be pickier with how you store them. 

Also go through your clothes, if there is anything that is stained, now is the time to deal with it, and you should also consider donating some winter wear if you do not wear it anymore. There will always be something and someone who will need it.

Sort through things and put them into piles; accessories, shoes, coats, sweaters and cardigans, tops, shirts, trousers, etc. 

Then it is time to store your items.

How To Store Your Winter Wear

So, how can you store your winter wear? It will be different for everything. You won’t be able to store your shoes and your tops in the same way after all.


With your shoes, you should separate them into tall boots and short shoes. If you have a tall boot, fill them with a boot tree. They will likely be sitting in your closet for a while, and without a filler they could easily lose their shape. So, to prevent this, insert a boot form or tree.  

For smaller shoes you should stuff these with tissue paper, this includes ankle boots, winter walking boots and so on. Stuff them to keep their shape, and then store in a container, or just in the back of your closet. 

Never forget to wipe, polish, and even condition your winter shoes prior to storing them as well. 


Set aside a box for your winter accessories. At the end of the season grab all your scarves, hats, gloves, and so on and pop them into a storage box. Do not forget to give these a clean too. These can go in anything from a bag, to a box, or a basket, the choice is yours. 

Just ensure they are clean before you store them away.

Consider Vacuum Packing

When you store your clothes, you may be lacking space, simply because of how big these items are. Consider different methods for your more sensitive items. Some clothes are better stored in a box. 

However, you can also vacuum pack some of the larger items to save on space. You can get kits for this online that work really well. It will reduce the amount of space these items take up and can be brilliant for bulky coats.


Boxes are also ideal, especially for sensitive items. Why not save boxes from deliveries and the holiday season, so you have plenty to help you store your clothes until next winter? 

If you use boxes, make sure you store them in a damp proof area.

Prevent Odor

Odor can be an issue when you store clothes for some time. Consider getting storage poultices that will help to give your clothes a fresher smell. 

With some practice you can even make these yourself, so you can make your clothes smell nice and how you want them to.