Style Trends That Were Born In The COVID-19 Era

Fashion never sleeps. Even during a once in a century pandemic, it’s clear that we all still very much care how we look and what we wear.

COVID-19 has dealt us all a massive blow and the decimation it has caused will take many years to recover from but the fashion industry battles on nonetheless.

2020 is a year we’ll be glad to see the back of but it has been a year that has seen certain facets of the fashion industry to adjust and adapt accordingly. Here are some trends of the stylish variety that have either been born during this time of uncertainty and anguish or have very much made a stunning comeback.

Face Masks

Prior to 2020 pretty much none of us would have had any call to wear a facemask, at least outside some areas of the medical sphere, now we probably all own a fair few pairs and our collections are as varied as our characters as individuals.

The market in creative facemasks has gone through the roof and the options when it comes to purchasing them are wide and varied. Established clothing brands of course market their own selection but bespoke masks from smaller brands and individuals are also an option to consider.

Some masks are very much statement pieces and others are far more subtle and many of us now have a dozen of them in order to fit our needs and moods. You can expect this trend to carry through for a year or two to come and as such you should plan accordingly.

Flip Flops

As most of us have found ourselves restricted to our homes, with workplaces shuttered and working from home now being very much the norm, there has been a move towards comfort when it comes to our footwear.

There is far less, if any, need to wear fancy shoes or high heels and this has led to most of us ‘slumming it’ a little when it comes to what we place on our feet.

While there is a sense that there is no need to wear footwear at all, you have to at least keep up the pretence that you are working and as such the wearing of flip flops or sliders when at home and working can be a happy medium.

Dressing for Comfort

The oversized look is very much in right now and this comes from a sense that we need to be comforted right now and therefore wearing big jumpers and sweatpants is very much the order of the day.

That doesn’t mean ‘giving up’ as effectively dressing for comfort still requires being fashionable and isn’t as easy as it at first looks.

If you are indeed attempting to pull off that ‘oversized’ look then those of you who were spectacles would do well to pair the outfit with a nice pair of round lense glasses, this will really help make the look into a statement.

Dressing for comfort requires a great deal of planning and considered purchasing and this is as relevant for pulling off this look as any attempt to pull off the best style trend, and in many ways going that extra mile by pairing with the right glasses, shows a commitment to securing the effective look.


The impact of COVID-19 has led many fashion brands to move toward a more minimalist approach, perhaps born out of the sense that though important, fashion as a whole needs to be a little bit less ‘showy’.

A move to a simpler, cleaner aesthetic is very much the order of the day in the COVID-19 era. This means less obvious branding elements on garments, simple bold colors and a general sense of longevity when it comes to the fashion we consume.

It’s a move away from fast fashion and back to classic staples, a shift back to substance over style.

Back to Basics

Something of an overriding theme when it comes to fashion in this era is the sense of a move back to basics. Fashion is of course supposed to be fun but there is no need to be frivolous.

Fashion is no less important than it was prior to the coronavirus pandemic reeking havoc on the world but now may be the time to be more muted in your approach to the garments you buy and wear.

Perhaps the fashion industry has been guilty of being too indulgent for many years now and the push for a quick-fashion market, where matters such as the environment and fair treatment of workers in the industry were overlooked, has come at a cost that can no longer be supported.

COVID-19 has been a reality check of sorts and the same way that we as individuals have changed our outlook on life as a whole, so too have our fashion needs and requirements.

Perhaps this time of heightened awareness of what’s important is now being echoed by our clothing decisions. 2021 is sure to offer a myriad of fashion paths to consider that’s for sure.