Summer Days Out Everyone Should Do

The evenings are lighter and the weather is warmer. Summer is finally starting to make an appearance. Whether you’re looking to simply soak up the sun or you want to start exploring more of the UK, there are plenty of ideas here to keep you busy this season. Here are some experiences we think everyone should try.

Go to the Beach

The UK is home to so many incredible coastlines and beaches. From the charming coasts of Cornwall to the spectacular sands in the Isle of Skye. This summer you should make the most of having such amazing scenery and go to a beach. You can walk along the water and perhaps go paddling, or simply sit back in the sand and enjoy the sunshine.

How far you venture is up to you. If the beach is close enough to you, you don’t even have to go for a full day, with the warmer weather coming, it’ll be getting really busy, you could just got for the evening and watch the sun set.

City Break

Why not go to a city you’ve never been to before? Be a tourist in your own country. A huge perk of living in the UK is that it’s such a small country so it’s super easy to travel around.

Plus, if you travel by train, this saves you driving and parking stress. For instance, taking the London to Bradford train lets you sit back and enjoy the journey rather than worry about driving in a busy city.

Getting the chance to visit and new city and be a tourist will help you to feel like you’ve had a break without it having to cost an arm and a leg.

Picnic in the Park

Nothing says summertime quite like a picnic. You and your friends go grab some food, drinks, and picnic blankets then pick a spot in the park. Whether you keep it cheap and cheerful with sandwiches or try your hand at making some culinary delights, it is entirely up to you. Pimms is also a must for a British picnic.

Remember, British summer weather can be notoriously fickle so bring some layers, as well as some sun cream.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is such a great British summer activity. Plus, you get rewarded for your efforts by getting to tuck into delicious, fresh, strawberries at the end of the day. There are strawberry picking spots across the UK, so you should be able to find one near you.

Stay Cool

This summer plan some activities to help you cool down. Whether it’s taking a dip in your local pool, spending a day reading in the shade or even trying to make your own ice cream. Think of activities that will keep you cool and comfortable.

There are so many things you can try this summer. Make the most out of the season and have fun with whatever you end up doing. What have you got planned for this summer?