Summer Holiday Activities for Toddlers

If you’re thinking of going away this summer, or you’ve already booked your staycation, you might be finding yourself now looking at ways to keep your little one(s) entertained whilst away.

Well, no need to worry, as we’ve compiled a small, toddler-friendly list of activities you could do this summer with your mini-me.

So, whether you’ve booked to go to one of the best holiday parks UK destinations have to offer or you’re still looking at where’s best to go for your staycation, let us help to plan your activities, so you can focus on getting excited about your break away.

Scroll to discover what you could be doing with your little one(s) this summer.


When it comes to bubbles, no matter what age you are, you always feel the need to either pop one as it floats towards you or blow your own and join the fun.

Bubbles bring joy to all, so imagine how much fun you’ll have with a bubble-blowing session whilst on holiday. Or, to ramp up the fun, how about packing a small bubble machine in your bag to take to your holiday home, where lots of bubbles will be flying in the air within a matter of seconds.

What could be a better activity than watching your little one(s) run through a sea of bubbles, laughing and smiling as they play?


Whether the weather has become very British and you’re rained in, or you’re out seizing the day sightseeing, a picnic is always a good idea and a fun activity for all ages.

For rainy days, a carpet picnic brings fun and imagination to what could be seen as a miserable day.

If out sightseeing, a picnic in a local park, or on the beach, is a wonderful way to take in the sights whilst also tasting something yummy.

Creating a picnic bag full of all their favourite bits, and yours too, is a lovely way to bond with your child whilst doing something a little different for lunch.

Beach Day

If your staycation is taking you near the coast, how about a day at the beach? Not only can you build sandcastles together, but there are so many other things you can do at the beach.

Explore the rockpools for wildlife and teach your child about the different animals and creatures you find. You could even ask them to draw what they saw when you get back to your accommodation.

Why not play a game of jumping the waves as they roll onto the beach? This not only helps your child to get used to the beach and water, but introduces a fun way to enjoy the sea without having to fully enter – when they’re older and a little more confident, you could stand further into the sea to jump the waves.

Woodland Walks

If your staycation is set within a woodland setting, how about exploring the nature around you?

To create more of an activity for your little one(s), you could make a list with pictures of some animals they have to try and spot whilst out walking in the woods – if they see the animal on the sheet, they can mark it off.

Another fun activity to do in the woods is to collect some sticks and leaves from the woodland floor, to create a picture with once back at your accommodation.

We hope we have given you some activity ideas you could try this summer with your toddler, whilst enjoying a break away in the UK.