How to Support Your Family in India When on a School Visa

You’ve embarked on a great adventure. You’ve left India to take up your studies abroad while on your school visa. You’re grateful for this opportunity to better your situation and prepare for a career. At the same time, you don’t want your family to feel like you have abandoned them. Take the following tips for ways you can support them while you are away.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

While you want to stay in touch with your family, remember that they want reassurance that you are doing well. You are busy exploring a new place and having exciting experiences. Life is the same for everyone back in India. Your family may have a fear of the unknown and worry about you.

You have a wide range of options that can help you to connect with your family thanks to advances in technology. You can Skype or Facetime them if they have an iPhone. You can also download apps on your smartphone or tablet that will allow you to chat as often as you would like. Whatsapp and Telegram are two of many popular choices.

Being able to see one another, even if it is only on a screen, will be a comfort for everyone.

Take Advantage of Online Shopping

Online shopping has become the most popular way to make purchases. Companies like Amazon will ship anywhere in the world. Send a little gift that shows how much you care about your loved ones. Simple gestures and surprises will warm their hearts. You can also help them to stock up on necessities.

Make it Easy to Give Your Family Financial Support

Your family has supported you all your life. Now is your chance to give back. If you have found a job for spending money or to support yourself overseas, you can share your wages with your loved ones.

If you want to transfer money to India, you can easily install a money transfer app on your phone. Western Union and Paypal are two of the most popular, reliable sources. Every time you send money to your family, whether the amount is big or small, your generosity will be appreciated.

Take Advantage of the Mail

While video chats and emails offer you instant access to your family, don’t forget to use the postal system as well. Print out pictures of your destination overseas. Include pictures of you that your family can hang up or set in a frame in your home in India. Send a card.

You’ll be giving your loved ones something they can show others. It will be like a tangible piece of you that they can hold in their hands.

When you go overseas to study, there will be an ocean between you and your family. That distance may be hard on all of you, especially if you are a close. Time will help you all to become accustomed to the change. Keeping in touch often will be the best way to remind everyone you are not only a phone call or video chat away.