Clinically Safe Surgeries for Body-Contouring

Achieving weight loss is good for people who have been having weight problems their entire life. It is a great solution for a number of health problems and avoiding illness which includes Diabetes, Heart Disease, and High Blood Pressure.

Although traces of fat can be removed from the body by following a strict and healthy diet, exercises or aided by supplements, some evidence in the body is still visible from where fat accumulated.

Even if you reduce in body size, the skin does not always go back once it stretches out. Especially in the belly area, loose skin after pregnancy and losing weight rapidly. To correct this, there are clinically safe surgeries that can be done to remove the excess skin.


This is commonly known as a Tummy Tuck. It is intended to address loose and sagging skin in the tummy, as the name implies. This surgery removes the excess skin and the fats with it to restore the weakened and even separated muscles. It will make the abdominal area firm and smooth.

The Tummy tuck surgery is not only for people who have lost weight, you could also have this procedure when the skin doesn’t stretch back after pregnancy, or other prior surgeries. This should be done if no further pregnancies are planned and you are keen on keeping lesser weight in the long run.

Although it is effective in removing excess skin, this is not a solution for losing weight. You cannot remove fats by trimming your tummy. You have to lose weight first, then deal with the protrusions of skin should there be any. But don’t you worry! This is not a solution for removing stretch marks that stretched skin has.

Stretch marks have hereditary factors and you cannot request to target these in the procedure. However, lose the stretch marks in the area where the tuck will be made during the surgery. You will be able to see fast visible results and they are temporary given you do proper maintenance of your weight. 

Body Sculpting

This surgery is also called Body Lift. This is intended to improve the appearance of your body post weight loss surgery. This is needed not just for body aesthetics, but for comfortability as well because you do not want any loose skin to be dangling off your body.

It can be a hindrance to good hygiene as well because sometimes it accumulates sweat and would be reached less often when bathing. 

You can have specialized lifts like in the lower body to remove belly, buttocks, thighs, and hips while lifts in the upper body are to remove excess skin from the breasts and the back. An incision will be made by the surgeon to remove the skin and tissue. 


This is a popular medical procedure that mainly targets to remove excess fat mostly in the belly, but it also has done in different fatty areas of the body. A special equipment is used to suck the fat out of the body. Anesthesia will also be used locally in the area or generally for the whole body.

If you are not scared of big needles, this can be a procedure for you. You’d have to reconsider this many times before proceeding.  Although it is popular, it can be one painful surgery and the recovery for this could take longer than the others. 

Committing to getting a better and healthier body is a great goal to have. Even if there are traces left after shedding out weight, it does not have to stick around and show in the most unflattering way. You can have these excess skin gone as you enjoy your fit and tight body.