Considerations When Buying a Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion

When you work long hours in sedentary jobs with poor postures, back problems can come up, including tailbone pain, also called the coccyx. Although infections, trauma, childbirth, and tumors can cause pain, postural reasons are most common.

Coccyx pain occurs when the muscles around ligaments and joints of your coccyx are inflamed. Although you can get medication, you can handle the pain with an investment in tailbone pain relief cushion to reduce pressure on your coccyx when sitting. They also come in various types, shapes, and thicknesses to suit different needs. However, with many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best with adequate support and comfort.

Below are factors to consider when choosing tailbone pain relief cushions.

Consider Cushion Style

The tailbone cushions come in two different styles, each providing support depending on your weight, pressure points, and body shape. Donut pillows are popular seat cushions that resemble a doughnut. They are perfect for relieving pain from the tailbone when sitting for long periods in your office chair. The second type is a wedge cushion, ideal for travelers.

When on the road and seated for long, they are great to alleviate pain on the go. Depending on preference and lifestyle, you can pick cushions that best cater to your needs.

Consider Cushion Thickness

Thicker tailbone cushions are more comfortable and cozy. However, more cushioning makes you feel awkward when sitting as it takes away support whereas, too little cushioning can cause discomfort. Therefore, it is best to find a balance in thickness and firmness that best suits.

Tailbone cushions have memory foam filling or gel. The materials provide additional support and thickness levels to a cushion. The advantage of such cushions is that you can deflate them for transportation. Gel cushions have removable inserts that you can heat or chill for patients’ appeal or pain relief.

Read Cushions Care Instructions

Before purchasing seat cushions, ensure you read care instructions. Most tailbone cushions are for hand wash, while others can be dry cleaned. To make them last longer, you can buy a pillow protector and wash few times. Some have removable covers that depend on your preference, making them easy to clean.

The best cover should come with extras and have a non-slip rubber bottom that puts the cushion in place to prevent constant adjusting when sitting. Velour materials are popular as they are machine washable and portable. If the ideal cushion lacks a removable cover, you can slip an ordinary pillowcase.

It would help if you considered your health rather than the pillow’s cost since cheaper cushions might not withstand daily use as they wear and tear after quickly. Besides lasting longer, the high-quality tailbone cushions also reduce the breakdown of tissue to reduce back pain.


When buying orthopedic seat cushions, try to consider the best quality for tailbone pain relief. Thankfully, Everlasting Comfort offers cushions designed to mold your body and provide comfortable support. By minimizing pressure on the lower body, the cushions provide better circulation to reduce fatigue.