How to Take Candid Photos Like a Pro

Despite being labeled ‘candid’, which means natural, unprepared, or caught off guard, taking candid photos is difficult. You need some skills to capture the right image because you can lose that exact moment or emotion, even with the shortest of hesitation.

These tips are for people using a DSLR camera and meant to help you capture those momentary occasions.

Preparing for candid shots

What’s the best thing to do to take candid shots? Be prepared all the time, that’s what you should do. You should have your camera with you always. You should be very familiar with your camera and the correct settings to ensure that your shot will come out good. Austin photography professionals give their expert advice on candid photography.

Use semi-automatic modes

As you are trying to capture a fleeting moment, speed is very important. Set your camera to semi-automatic mode. Most DSLR cameras have this setting. One is Shutter Priority, and the other is Aperture Priority. Whichever setting you choose, your camera will automatically adjust. If you’re capturing fast action, use Shutter Priority and set the values for shutter speed and ISO. For capturing subjects in low light, use Aperture Priority, and set the values for aperture and ISO.

Choose a zoom lens instead of a prime lens

Situations change quickly in candid photography; thus, it is vital to come prepared. Rather than switch lenses, which takes time, it is better to use a zoom lens. Zoom lenses are more flexible. You can adjust the focal length for close-ups, group shots, and distance shots in a matter of seconds.

Opt for ambient light

The first thing you should consider during location changes is the quality and direction of ambient light. Set your exposure setting and find the best position where you can capture favorable lighting on your subject. Compose the picture and wait for the right time to take the shot.

Know about autofocus modes

Many digital SLRs have two autofocus modes. Most photographers, including SpotOn Austin Photographers, use these features. The single focus mode focuses the lens on the specific subject. This is the choice of most photographers. Your DSLR can also autofocus when it detects motion if you set it to continuous focus. This setting is used when you are trying to capture a subject that constantly moves. It helps you take sharp pictures even when the subject moves or shifts.

Take several photos

It is difficult to capture the right moment, especially if you are a newbie. You can set your camera to either burst mode or drive mode (depending on the brand), so you can take a number of photos as you continue to press the shutter button.

Spontaneity is vital when taking candid shots, according to, so do not think of complicated lighting techniques. What you’re after are unscripted, real-life images. They also suggest using a long lens and learning how to blend with the environment.

When you’re after candid shots, you have to be quick. You cannot put your camera down because you might miss a particular moment. It takes time to pick up your camera, change the settings, create the right composition, and take the shot. Keep your camera on a strap or in your hand, so you are always ready to capture the moment.