How To Properly Take Care Of Your Adult Toys?

Adulthood is always good and allows it to be enjoyed blissfully. There can be many ways to enjoy it, and one of them is by playing with sex toys. Sex is a pleasant feeling whether you are dating someone or living with one of them.

Still, suppose you have sex toys as a backup (or change up) at home. In that case, your reliability on your partner becomes relatively more minor for sex. Keeping up your sex toys is undoubtedly tremendous and requires regular cleaning as well.

Poor hygiene can cause many issues to your body like severe infections, irritation in private parts, etc. Cleaning is relatively easy, but you need to ensure that they are cleaned regularly. If you want your sex toys to have long life spans this article will show you how you can properly clean your sex toys.

Regardless of any material, clean and dry your sex toy after every usage:

Your fragile toy can harbor bacteria or even micro germs after use. As it comes in contact with your hands and private parts, washing them after usage is compulsory. Once you have washed it, grab a clean cloth and dry its pores and edges to store it safely.

Use the right lubricant:

Lubricant can be used for cleaning sex toys, but here knowing the right one is key. Just like silicone lube is latex and user-friendly, it can react and even melt them if applied to silicone toys. Try using a water-based lubricant for your silicone toys, and avoid using the lubricants made up with glycerin parabens as it can cause adverse effects to your body.

Wash before every usage:

Although you are cleaning your sex toys diligently, you should try washing them before every use because there can be a chance when your toy can come in contact with dust, lint, dirt, and various other materials since you have last used it.

Washing them with slightly warm water and soap beforehand will help you in getting rid of these issues. It’s a suggestion that can help you maintain your sex life and your sex toys to last long term (with no adverse effects!)

Store them properly:

Your toy needs to be squeaky clean, and after cleaning, dry them off entirely with the help of a clean towel and then store them in a silk bag or case to protect it from any bacteria-laden things. If you have lost or do not want to use the bag, box, or claim that arrived with the toy, there are many other online options to store your sex toys with safety.

Ensure that once you buy something for them, it should be sealable, whether you look for velcro or a zipper. Something washable will always be a better option to keep the germs away. Once you have saved your toy neatly inside the case, you can store it in any of your popular spots like the bathroom cabinet, nightstand, or undergarment drawer.

Choose a reputable brand:

When we are talking about choosing the perfect brand for your sex life, you can be wrong about choosing the brand. A great brand can last years. A reputable brand doesn’t mean that your toy will come with a hefty price tag; you can buy more specific products that are affordable and reliable too.

Brands like Cirilla’s sex toys have been in the market for many years, showcasing a wide range of quality products and providing users the great experience they desired. They are one of the best brands for sex toys and can provide the best experience to buyers and users.

Sex toy cleaners:

While most people like to clean their sex toys with water and soapy dishcloth, you can also try using sex toy cleaners to help you out. Using them will help you clean your sex toys from any micro germs. You can even purchase them online as there are many brands and companies available providing the best sex toy cleaners to clean your toys after and before every usage.