7 Tech Gadgets That’ll Save Your Business Valuable Time

In the world of business, it is no secret that time is money. This is why people are always on an endless quest to find ways to get everything done in as little time as possible, but in an efficient and exact manner as well.

Technology has really given us the gift of automating tasks that would normally take a ton of time if done manually. We’ve collected a list of seven tech gadgets that will definitely save your business a lot of valuable time.


While we know that normal phones work through landlines, what VOIP phone systems do is that they connect the whole office through the internet instead. These are great for being time-efficient for businesses because they can be paired with either your business software, your cell phone and your desktop too. So any call or information you want to integrate into the system is possible to do. 


If you run a business that has to interact with its customers by sending out physical invitations or letters, then this gadget is heaven-sent. These are great for being time-efficient for businesses because they can be paired with either your business software, your cell phone and your desktop too.

The folder inserters from FPMailing.co.uk shows us how practical they can be. All you need to do is put the bulk of paper that you need, folded and inserted, and this machine does all the work with amazing precision and speed. Instead of having to painfully sit for hours folding and putting letters into envelopes, this gadget saves an incredible amount of time and does it well too.


This gadget is an amazing time saver when it comes to taking notes at meetings. Instead of having someone to take down notes and minutes at a meeting, this device records everything and allows you to convert it into any format you like on your computer. 


We all know how important presentations are in this day and age. Being able to give an effective presentation requires the help of visuals, and there’s no better way to do that than using a projector. The mobile projector is one step ahead because you can literally carry it with you anywhere and even as you travel from one place to another to give presentations.

There are various projectors available in the market but which one to choose, this is a real tricky question. Prima is one right solution for you as it is considered as one of the best mobile projector. Prima casts a cinema-quality video with a 200-inch projection from a gadget the size of an iPhone. Thin, light, and versatile, Prima is your ultimate multimedia companion in a form of the best portable projector!

It’s easy to carry and easy to use and gives really good visuals as well. This way you don’t have to waste time setting up on different projectors and try to figure out if it will work with your laptop or not.

Apparently, one can also use mobile projectors like PIQO that have touchscreens features too. However, it is always a user’s choice what kind of projectors they require automatic or manual.


The handheld scanner is amazing when it comes to saving time. You can literally scan anything at any time without having to wonder whether you can have it duplicated in proper quality. The handheld scanner is compact and unlike when you take a picture with your phone; it scans the content you need in high-quality detail and imaging as well.


Smart boards are great in saving businesses a ton of time because they are interactive and allow you to have meetings and presentations in a way where you can integrate ideas and information from your laptop or a USB. They allow you to interact and to add or remove to your convenience, and the best part is that you can record or save this information to send out to the necessary people later on as well. 


The smart pen saves time because it has a number of useful features. Not only can you switch from ink to ballpoint, but it also has a USB memory stick if you need to transfer information at any time. There are smart pens that are compatible with smart boards, have laser pointers, and a number of other features which allow you to carry on with your business at a much more convenient speed.

By utilizing the items mentioned in this list, you will really be doing yourself and your business a favour because you will certainly be saving up on a considerable amount of time. Technology has allowed us to have gadgets that are innovative and smart in helping businesses grow.

The point of having innovation is to allow convenience and efficiency to grow in a way that allows people to focus and excel at their professions, and this is certainly what is happening as time goes by! So whatever it is that you feel you’re wasting time on in your business, be sure to do a little research as you’re bound to find an alternative gadget that will be sure to save up on time and effort as well.