How Technology Broke The Boundaries Of Conventional Dating

The need for love is one of the basic needs of humans, this is a universal fact based on Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs. A common question about love is where do they search for a partner and how people find their right partner. Most people usually meet their partners from church groups, from school, from the office or from their community. But nowadays, people spend most of their time on the internet.

This has brought a big change to people’s way of connecting with other people. This gave birth to the digital age. This generation dictated that a smartphone is a necessity. Thus, with the aid of technological advancement which is constantly changing, people now utilize it as a tool to meet new friends and potential partners. 

Why Are People So Much Complacent In Meeting A Partner From The Online World?

Choice Is Vast

Joining the worldwide web allows a person to meet a lot of people. A person can make new friends and he can freely have the option to choose whom he wants to date online. As they get along with each other, it would be like a game. A game where the person can either lose or win.

If the person feels like it’s not a good or a perfect match, he can just call it off and look for another. So it is a continuous dating game until a person finds the best match. Some would even have many partners online so they don’t limit themselves to one online date, they can as much as ten or more.

Lots of Different Communities

One positive result of technology and dating is that it has enabled many more communities to interact and find love, particularly those who are LGBTQ. The internet allows people to find each other when they might not be able to in real life, especially if they are marginalised.

Whether it’s through gay phone lines or LGBT apps for dating, many people have found platforms through technology that are a much better way for them to meet people they are interested in. It also takes the pressure off going to a bar and trying to find someone who you want to talk to, as you can be matched with those you have common interests with!

Technology Has Enabled Online Dating

As we live in the digital age, relationships have become digital like our online shopping and flight booking. There are a variety of dating applications and websites that suit each one’s taste, nationality, sexuality, and budget.

If you are new to online dating, some dating sites will tell how you can find LGBTs who are looking for partners or some would give some tips like how to date a Vietnamese girl or if you are a widow looking for some older men to date, some dating websites can also provide you with older aged males. This is one reason why online dating is more convenient because even those who are not well-experienced can get an online date. 


Technology has made long-distance relationships possible. With communication applications like social media or instant messengers, people have not been reluctant to engage in dating online. It remarkably made it easier for lovers to connect despite international borders. 

For the past years, the evolution of dating has not been limited to meeting each other personally on a regular basis. Text messaging started to become a communication tool to meet new acquaintances and it was where relationships started to grow. While others also used electronic emails, as seen in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”, starring Tom Hanks, to meet new people and find love online.

Then came social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. A person’s growing connection to other people around the world has even made it easier to find a partner. It is a clear manifestation of how humans made dating easier for hopeful romantics and how relationships are formed in general.