How Technology Has Changed Our Habits

Technology has been changing mankind ever since we started to gain a conscience. From the first primitive tools, inventing the wheel until the latest surgeon robots that save our lives. Every significant advance impacts our ways of living somehow.

We’ve reached a point where we have everything at our disposal right away. We have access to complete catalogues of music and movies through streaming. We know a library straight in our browsers and the latest news without having to wait for the afternoon edition to arrive in our local newspaper.

We have online stores that will compete with each other to deliver goods faster.

It’s a great time for us consumers. So, in a way, all these things have changed our lives. We have more time for ourselves and in this article, we will discuss how these changes are good for our daily lives.

Freelance heaven

It’s never been a better time to work freelance. Technology has given us the tools to be able to share our skills with others without intermediaries.

If you are a photographer, a musician, a carpenter or a cook it doesn’t matter. You have more chances than ever to make a living out of your passion.

You only need to build an online presence for yourself, and if you are good enough you will stand out. You can even create a website by yourself and by sharing some of your work on Instagram or Facebook you will be able to boost your business.

Home office

This is a good one. With the access to fast internet becoming more mainstream, companies buying laptops instead of desktops for their employees and meeting software becoming more polished it was a matter of time until the home office would be a tangible option for companies.

Workers are getting more productive without having to commute to work daily and avoiding travelling across the country to assist meetings.

Companies are saving a lot of money too. Big buildings with hundreds of workstations are not needed anymore. Nowadays, small refurbished warehouses and buildings are enough to host a rotating staff.

They also save on office supplies and overall bills. While it’s always good and necessary at some point to interact with our co-workers in person, working from home has proven to be a great way to keep employees focused and happy. You can always join with your co-workers for an after-office party anyway!

Online banking

It makes us all very happy not having to go to the bank to pay our bills or do our wire transfers.

Bank branches are getting smaller with online banking implementation as a standard, offering a personalized treatment when there is no option but to show up at the bank.

Meanwhile, you can transfer money, check your balance, apply for a loan and even pay your bills online. No more lines at the bank and that is truly appreciated.

Online entertainment

Entertainment needs to always stay up to speed with technological advances since it feeds itself from them directly. You don’t need to wait for your favorite show to air the new episode. Usually, streaming services will release complete seasons and you have a whole backlog of shows to catch up with.

Gambling has also set a presence in the online world. Now, if you’re a casino loving player, thanks to providers like VSO, you can play your favorite games from home with all the online casino bonuses offered.

On the Net, you can find more than the usual bonus such as the welcome bonus, bonus with deposit or bonus without deposit. They are easy to get, given that you just need to sign up to have access to all the promotions and to have more fun while you’re playing.

Furthermore, given the capabilities our devices have, we can log in to our personal account from everywhere to get these bonuses and enjoy the games, at any time. Still with stunning visuals and all the themed games you are used to seeing in land casinos. You can also use your favorite payment methods to have instant access to the games.

Video games are making great benefits from newer tech. We can now not only play online with our friends any time we want but also if you are away from home, you can use cloud gaming services such as Xcloud or Stadia to stream to your devices such as phones or tablets.


We could write a whole book about how technology has improved our lives. Having more tools to make our daily routines faster doesn’t mean we have to do more. It means we can now do the same but faster leaving us with more free time to enjoy our family, friends or practice our hobbies longer.

Sometimes, technology can be overwhelming with all the available information and how fast we can access it. The key is to always know that these things are here to make our life easier.