Telehealth: Where Technology Meets Healthcare

The development of technology over the last 20 years has been rapid 𑁋 and with it came services beyond our comprehension. Everyday life has been improved by the addition of the internet, and we can now discover pretty much anything with a few clicks on our mobile phones.

Not only used for information, but the internet also brought us online shopping for food and retail items, communication channels used to stay in touch with relatives and friends afar, and even our healthcare. 

Indeed, there are a wide variety of healthcare options that technology has presented us, the most notable one of which is telehealth.

What Is Telehealth? 

First, it’s important to understand what telehealth is before going into the benefits of it. In layman’s terms, telehealth is the marriage of technology (computers and mobile devices) and health care services (doctors, psychiatrists, counselors).

Using technology, healthcare services are available wherever a person is situated, allowing you to properly look after and manage your own health without the need to travel. 

What Are The Goals Of Telehealth?

Also known as e-health, the goals of the industry are pretty simple: having healthcare be available and accessible to everyone, even those who live in rural, remote, or isolated communities.

This makes services readily available for those who struggle with travel or just make appointments more convenient. Not to mention, having access to medical specialists at all times improves the communication and coordination between health care specialists and patients. 

Make Virtual Appointments 

The main benefit of using telehealth is the ability to book an appointment from wherever you are, whenever you like (depending on the opening hours of the service). Many clinics and services are expanding the ways in which they see patients, so it’s worth talking with anyone you used to see if they have progressed into the technological world. 

Within the world of mental health, having a variety of online options will help you see the health professional you need sooner without the need to travel to a center. There are many people that struggle to leave the house due to extreme anxiety so finding a psychiatrist has often been a major problem. Making virtual appointments and being able to attend will help many people face their fears and get them on the path to recovery. Get started with BetterHelp, the world’s largest licensed mental health platform, and get matched to a licensed professional today. 

Another benefit of having these services available online is that it can speed up the process many doctors face on a daily basis, making them available to see more patients. Many people still use accidents and emergencies to check small issues they have when a general practitioner would suffice.

Not only do these online appointments speed up their process and allow them to see more patients, but they free up emergency services, saving large amounts of money and freeing up time for more urgent cases. 

Monitor Your Health 

There are numerous conditions that affect the human body, many of which require constant checkups and careful monitoring. Technology has helped massively in this area as doctors and health professionals are able to look at a patient’s health remotely.

There are still cases that require a patient to visit a hospital or a health service, mainly those that need tests completed, but if it’s a general checkup there’s no reason why it can’t be done over video chat. 

Devices have been developed to check things such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels and lung function, making the lives of diabetics and people with heart or lung conditions much easier. Being able to check the vitals of a patient from afar reduces time spent and increases the doctor’s efficiency. 

The elderly have also seen their home lives improve rapidly with health technology. Home monitoring devices help detect changes in normal activities, meaning if a patient falls, there will be someone there as soon as possible to assist them. 

Personal Health 

There are many apps that have already been developed, and numerous more in the pipeline, that will help the average Joe with their personal health journeys. Whether they are trying to lose weight, record physical activity, or record their vital signs, there is an app for it. Never has it been easier to track your goals and make them possible. 

The development of technology has brought huge numbers of benefits to the table and it’s not stopping. Telehealth experts and constantly thinking of new ways to help the public and industry professionals to enhance their working days, making it easier to treat many people and enabling them to have more time to work on urgent matters.

It’s worth finding out whether any service you may use offers an online presence, technology is the way forward.