6 Reasons Why Technology Revolutionized Fitness

You’d be hard-pressed to find one field of life that technology has not completely changed over the years. Just about everything we do has exponentially morphed over the years with technological advancements, which have made our lives easier for the most part. 

Yet, there are some disciplines that have benefitted more than others, and fitness is one of those. Here are six reasons why technology revolutionized fitness.

Vitals Tracking 

In the past, if you wanted to keep track of your vitals while working out, there wasn’t really any easy way to do so. You would just have to wait and check your heart rate or blood pressure afterward, which was far from ideal.

Over time and with new advancements coming up, it became so much easier to keep track of your vitals while exercising. From smartwatch to dedicated fitness trackers, you can now find the tools and solutions to monitor your heart rate and pressure, for example, as easily as you can find a gym around the corner.

These tools give you the necessary readings that will help you learn if there is something wrong with your body. Some fitness trackers even give blood oxygen content and calorie burn rates, and more importantly, they do it accurately. 

Access to Exercise Routines 

Perhaps one of the most significant ways that technology has revolutionized the fitness industry is the fact that it made it possible for trainers and fitness instructors to train people without ever seeing them.

Courtesy of the internet and high-quality videos, you can access intense training regimens to do at home without even leaving it, which is quite exciting. Believe it or not, some solutions even give you the chance to have your personal (virtual) trainer at home through smart mirrors.

Now, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a smart mirror, namely, the quality of the app and the available routines. A smart mirror is an ordinary one that could display an instructor before you with a click of a button, as if you were in a gym, with them doing the exercises and you just follow their lead. 

Improved Hardware

We’ve certainly gone a long way from the old days where people used to lift logs to exercise. Technology has made it possible to significantly enhance fitness hardware so that it could provide better performance and increased protection for athletes.

In case you didn’t know it, there is a science to the design of the machinery you see at a gym, and technology makes it possible all the time to find new ways for the machine to work in a way that puts less strain on a player’s joint and bones while still giving the muscles the needed exercise.


It is not just the exercise routines and machinery that has improved courtesy of technology.

Recovery solutions have also drastically changed for the better and new technologies are constantly introduced to help people recover faster and more efficiently. This has helped athletes as well as regular people who are into fitness to regain their strength faster and in turn exercise more consistently. 

Improved Sleep

Nothing is more important to a fitness routine than regular and healthy sleep. Technology has helped in this department as well. There are now tools dedicated to helping people fall asleep faster so you could wake up feeling more energized.

There are also tools used to track your sleep and any problems that are related to your cycle, whether that’s excessive snoring or irregular REM sleep. This proves more important than you could think since it is imperative that you rest well so that your body could recover after a workout. 

Creating a Community 

One of the more subtle ways in which technology has helped the fitness world is through creating a community of people who share in your passion. Whether it is through social media or other dedicated platforms, it really helps to have people that you can share your goals with and who can encourage you to exercise so you could stay motivated.

Most people know that hitting the gym without a pal to motivate you can be off-putting and disheartening. Well, now, you don’t need just one pal, because you can have thousands around the world. 

Like all walks of life, technology had a positive impact on the fitness world, and will probably continue to do so. You’re probably already leveraging at least one of those benefits, and if you are not, then you should start doing it.

The great thing about technology’s role in revolutionizing fitness is how it made it easier for people to get into that world and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for?