5 Reasons Why Telepsychiatry Sessions Are Better Than Face-to-Face Sessions 

With the onset of the pandemic, keeping your physical health topped off has never been as important as ever before. However, sometimes we focus too much on our physical wellbeing that we neglect our mental health. As we previously mentioned, the pandemic made scheduling and meeting up with a psychiatrist to help your mental health all the more difficult.

If you have been trying to seek help from a psychiatrist but can’t because of several reasons like the pandemic, it doesn’t have to be that way with Telepsychiatry. Telepsychiatry is a perfect way for you to seek help from a professional in the field while also having several benefits over the usual session.

Let’s go over several advantages of getting a telepsychiatry session.

1. Telepsychiatry is Convenient and Accessible

One of the major advantages of getting and scheduling a telepsychiatry session is the convenience that comes with it. This is especially useful if you live in remote areas where you don’t have immediate access to health care as well as the time to go and schedule an appointment let alone attend one.

Another benefit of telepsychiatry is the convenience of meeting your psychiatrist as you wouldn’t have to prepare yourself as you are just in the comfort of your home. Additionally, it is easier to reschedule your sessions as you can just send an email and get reminded of your rescheduled appointment.

2. Telepsychiatry Saves you Time

Another advantage that telepsychiatry has is the amount of time you get to save. Usually, when we have to visit any from the medical field for a check-up/appointment, we would have to take time off our work or even our schedule so that they wouldn’t conflict with one another.

Since telepsychiatry is usually performed in the comfort of your home, you have the option to set your preferred date and time where you would have free time. This would allow you to be on track with your schedules without having to move them around.

3. Telepsychiatry makes it easier for Check-Ups and Follow-Ups

Part of the healing process when you visit a professional is the constant monitoring of your problem along with the progress you have done with healing from it. You would usually have to visit your psychiatrist back in their office just to have a check-up which would take up some of your time while also being a hassle as you only stay there for a few minutes.

The convenience of telepsychiatry completely removes this problem as a simple video chat is all you need to tell your psychiatrist about your progress. Additionally, it is easier to schedule check-ups since the online platform allows for after business hours which would otherwise be impossible in the usual business setting.

4. Telepsychiatry is Cost-Effective

A benefit of scheduling a telepsychiatry session is that it is more cost-effective than a face-to-face session. It is more cost-effective because telepsychiatry reduces the indirect and direct costs involved with face-to-face treatment.

One example is having to pay to get to the hospital. Having to have your scheduled session in your home helps you to save up from using public transportation or your car gasoline. Other examples can include the food you have to eat while waiting and even the appointment itself or unnecessary trips to the emergency room (ER).

5. Telepsychiatry reduces the barrier of Stigma

While it might no longer be common, the stigma of seeking psychiatric help is still very much prevalent which turns people away from getting help in the first place. Telepsychiatry can greatly reduce this stigma because you are the only one who would know that you are getting professional help.

The accessibility and discrete nature of telepsychiatry make it easy for people who want to get help but are scared of the stigma that goes with getting professional help.