How Does Temperature Affect Fat Loss

You might want to get comfortable with the cold if you’re trying to lose weight. Or the heat. Studies have shown how temperature affects fat and how the fat reacts under drastic temperature conditions. Does this theory affect fat loss? Our article explores how temperature and treatments can target stubborn fat cells based on this scientific discovery. 

Do Temperatures Help with Weight Loss?  

Researchers have found that being cold helps people lose weight. Additionally, it has been found that being cold alters intestinal bacteria and results in a bacterial shift, which can cause the body to burn fat stores, improve glucose metabolism, and reduce body weight.  

Among the many functions, fat serves in our bodies, it is to insulate and keep the body warm. Colder temperatures help burn fat by causing our bodies to shiver and triggering reactions within our brown fat cells.  

Our bodies, as mammals that store energy in fat cells, are designed to eventually use that fuel to maintain our core body temperature when temperatures are cold.  

Consequently, we produce heat by thermogenesis, which burns calories and transforms white fat into brown, which leads to weight loss.  

Does Heat Burn Fat?  

Exercising increases the body’s temperature as a known fact. This results in the body burning more energy than it consumes. This causes your body to burn fat for more energy. 

Although you may lose more fat while exercising at high temperatures, your body temperature may not rise as much. Heat makes your body sweat a lot.  

However, sweating it out only causes you to lose water weight. Drinking water quickly replaces this water weight loss. 

Conventional Weight Reduction Methods 

  • Saunas  
  • Body Wraps  
  • Hot Yoga  
  • Cryotherapy 

Laser Lipolysis & Cryolipolysis: Effective Fat Loss Treatments Using Temperatures  

In treatments for fat loss, the temperature is constantly used. 

Fat cells can be directly targeted with non-invasive fat removal treatments using varying temperatures, either by freezing or heating. Non-invasive fat removal treatments like laser lipolysis and cryolipolysis use the advantage of temperature to achieve the purpose of effective and targeted fat removal. 


By freezing fat at subzero temperatures, cryolipolysis targets stubborn pockets of fat that resist exercise and dieting. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment that uses this technology for targeted non-invasive fat removal.  

Temperatures of the applicators are reduced from -10°C to -13°C during the treatment. Using this controlled cooling method, the fat is effectively broken down and is eliminated naturally from the body.  

Laser Lipolysis 

Much like cryoliplysis, laser lipolysis also works to target and eliminate fat cells using temperatures, without the need for surgery. Body fat is naturally eliminated; however, targeted heat is used instead. In SculpSure, fat cells are targeted with laser lipolysis, a method that is FDA-approved for non-invasive fat removal. 

The SculpSure applicators are strapped onto the targeted area to heat the skin to 45°C – 47°C. The laser penetrates deeply into the dermis to target fat cells without harming the surface of the skin. 

To find out more about non-invasive fat removal solutions, speak to Dr. Thean at Ensoul Body Medical Clinic.