Advantages Of Temporary Buildings From Smart-Space

For the most part, temporary buildings come as a set of pre-fabricated components that are assembled on-site to serve short-term purposes. In fact, the word “temporary” refers to the fact that these buildings spend only a limited amount of time on the site. Temporary buildings tend to have a fixed lifespan of roughly 30 days; however, they can be reused in several ways.

Smart-Space is the UK’s largest provider of temporary buildings such as industrial tents, as well as permanent steel buildings. These light structures often consist of factory-made modular components that are designed for easy on-site installation. Common examples of temporary buildings include marquees.

You may be required to get planning permission if the facility will be in place for longer than 28 days. This can be as low as two weeks (14 days) in some situations during which only temporary use of the facility is allowed without planning permission.

Schedule 2 of the United Kingdom’s building regulations specify that a structure that’s not intended to remain at its installation site for over 28 days, is considered as a temporary building.

Temporary buildings could be exempted from building regulations if the circumstances are deemed necessary. These kinds of buildings are becoming more popular today because of the advantages they offer.

Here are the top 4 advantages of using temporary buildings from Smart-Space

#1 Unmatched Versatility

It’s true to say that both permanent and semi-permanent structures can be customized for different uses such as industrial workspaces, warehouses, workshops, and other technical applications. The unmatched versatility guaranteed by Smart-Space UK’s temporary building solutions makes them highly convenient for several sectors such as education, healthcare, disaster relief, and manufacturing activities.

To meet the increasing demand for these critical systems, Smart-Space temporary buildings can be customised in several ways. There are provisions for increasing or decreasing the size of the facility according to the consumer’s need for floor space.

You can even install air-conditioning equipment, lighting, and get good ventilation systems for your temporary building. If you want to find out more about Smart-Space’s temporary buildings, take a look here.

#2 Proven Longevity

The icing on the cake is that the temporary buildings from Smart-Space last longer than you might have thought, and if you set up permanent steel buildings, you can further increase the longevity of your facility. In theory, permanent or semi-permanent steel structures can have a service life of 6 decades, or even more, as they are very resistant to environmental factors.

Smart-Space uses advanced manufacturing standards to ensure that your temporary building is built with high-quality materials. Eliminate your worries even in the face of troubling storms, rains and harsh sunshine. With respect to longevity, prefabricated buildings from Smart-Space are second to none.

#3 Very economical

Brick-built commercial properties are usually expensive investments despite the fact that they aren’t always suitable for commercial space requirements. Once the peak season is over, brick-built properties no longer serve their purposes; meanwhile removing them is nearly impossible.

In the end, brick properties may become redundant and remain on the site for years, deteriorating with time. In sharp contrast, Smart-Space temporary buildings can be easily dismantled when they are no longer needed. It’s more economical to rent or set up temporary buildings compared to erecting brick-and-mortar facilities.

#4 Safe

As explained earlier, Smart-Space temporary buildings are made using durable materials. This doesn’t only improve the longevity of the facility; it improves their safety and reliability. Temporary buildings can resist fire outbreaks in your industrial space.

By complying with the UK building regulations, Smart-Space can offer thousands of consumers value for money. The safety of your manufacturing floor is of the utmost importance. So, invest in high-quality temporary buildings, and you won’t have to worry about the security of your equipment.