Healthy Ways and Tips on How to Increase Your Testosterone Level

As men grow old particularly when we reach 30, our testosterone level starts to decline which leads to a number of problems as we age. Bolstering our testosterone level brings a lot of health benefits. It doesn’t only promotes the development of muscle mass and bone density, it also helps keep risks to diseases low, helps sexual performance, and overall health.

Although there are a number of pharmaceutical products that increase testosterone levels, these drugs may affect our body’s natural ability to produce its own hormones. Hence, it is important to incorporate measures that naturally improve and optimizes testosterone levels in our bodies.

Here are some ways to increase testosterone level:

1.  Enough Rest

Sleep is as important as having nutritious food and exercise. It is also important that sleep is of good quality. The hours of sleep required may vary from person to person, however, it is recommended to sleep uninterrupted 7-10 hours per day. The lack of sleep has shown adverse effects on the levels of testosterone of individuals.

A study found that with only a week of restricting sleep to 5 hours, the levels went down by 15%. This is in contrast to the normal aging process that the decline is only 1% per year. If there are problems with getting good sleep, you should consult a doctor for a remedy.

2.  Exercise

Being active can increase your testosterone level. Regular exercise can prevent a lot of diseases related to lifestyle. A review study has found that people who exercise have higher testosterone levels. Even in the elderly, exercise has helped increase their testosterone level along with their fitness and improved their wellbeing.

A new study suggests that exercise is more beneficial than losing weight. You can do resistance training or high-intensity interval training (HIT), both are effective in lifting your hormone levels.

3.  Supplements and Vitamins

Taking vitamins and supplements can aid in improving your testosterone levels. Supplements rich in Vitamin D3 can help increase testosterone levels. Along with other benefits, taking boron for testosterone level improvement is a good way to improve yourself. Boron can also help increase vitamin D levels as well as DHEA, which helps in the production of testosterone.

4.  Balance Diet

Your diet can greatly affect your testosterone level. It is important to have a balanced diet to keep your hormone levels optimized in the long term. You should have the right portions of protein, fats, and carbs. This does not only help you increase your testosterone, but it also promotes overall health and wellness.

5.  Reduce Stress

Stress can increase your cortisol level and can reduce your testosterone levels. It can also affect your health and other organs, which can further affect your testosterone and other hormones.

6.  Avoid Vices

This is pretty much straightforward. Smoking and alcohol abuse can significantly reduce your testosterone levels. You also need to monitor your medication if it affects your hormonal levels and addresses the issue with your doctor if possible.

These are pretty simple tips we can do to maintain a healthy level of testosterone. The important factor about these measures is that they’re all-natural and that it only promotes the body to increase the hormone level. It doesn’t introduce synthetic hormones that may cause an imbalance in our chemical composition in our bodies.