What Is Testosterone And Why It Is Important?

Men and women are different in a lot of ways. For one, the two sexes have different body compositions, as men are known to have more muscles, body mass, and a lower percentage of fat compared to women. Men and women also process and handle emotions differently.

The amount of testosterone in men’s bodies is always one of the biggest reasons why their behavior and appearance are different compared to women. Although women’s ovaries also produce testosterone, the amount is much smaller than in men’s. Generally, testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for reproductive development, sperm production, and sex drive.

There are different ways to measure testosterone through laboratory means. You should pass medical testing to find out whether the level is in the norms for you or not.

Testosterone is important for both men and women because it affects the following bodily functions:

1. Sex Drive Or Libido

Libido is important for both men and women. Having a low sex drive will impair a man and a woman’s sexual drive and limit their ability to have satisfying sex. Over time, loss of libido can adversely affect their self-esteem and relationships. Loss of libido can even become the reason why a person will leave a relationship.

Although a person’s sex drive can naturally decline as they start to age, having high levels of testosterone in the body can minimize its symptoms and eventually improve a person’s libido. Thus, higher testosterone levels in the body can equal to higher sex drive.

This is one of the reasons why individuals with low levels of testosterone should read this article and change their diets by eating food such as tuna, egg yolks, oysters and shellfish. Consuming these foods regularly can boost a person’s testosterone levels and eventually increase their sex drive.

2. Muscle Mass, Bones And Fats

Because of testosterone, men generally have bigger and more muscles in their bodies. This works because high levels of testosterone can increase the development of neurotransmitters in the body and encourage faster tissue growth.

Moreover, testosterone also interacts with the nuclear receptors found in a person’s DNA in order to stimulate protein synthesis. All of these processes result in increased levels of growth hormones.

Aside from using reliable resources, such as Ourfitness.life, to improve your workout routine, make sure that you also take care of the testosterone levels in your body to maximize your efforts.

Aside from these, testosterone is also known to increase bone density and improve how the bone marrow produces red blood cells. Normal levels of red blood cells can lessen a person’s susceptibility to injuries and bone fractures.

Testosterone can also improve metabolism and help the body burn more fat faster. This can aid in weight loss and maintain a healthy body weight. On the other side of the coin, having low levels of testosterone can slow down a person’s metabolism and increase body fat.

3. Development Of Eggs In The Ovaries

Testosterone also affects the female reproductive organ. Women need testosterone to prevent the premature death of the egg during the early stages of follicular development.

The more egg women have, the more chances they have in conceiving and bearing a child.

4. Development Of Sperm

For men, their ability to produce sperm highly depends on the level of testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone is essential in the development of sperms because it works with the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) to expedite the process of generating sperms.

However, it’s important to note that testosterone will only create this impact to the development of sperm if it’s balanced. Having too little or too much testosterone in the body can adversely affect this process and can lead to low sperm counts.

5. Affects Secondary Male Characteristics

Infant boys and girls are actually born with the same levels of testosterone. However, during puberty, boys will start to develop higher levels of testosterone, leading to the development of several male secondary sex characteristics, such as facial and body hair growth and deepening of their voices.

When women have abnormally high levels of testosterone, they can experience problems with excessive facial hair and pattern balding, just like men. Men and women who exceed the normal levels of testosterone also experience recurring acne breakouts in different parts of their bodies.

6. Learning And Memory

This might come as a surprise for many, but testosterone can also impact a person’s learning and memory. This is especially true for young boys. It’ll be easier for a person to learn and improve their memory as they age if they have normal levels of testosterone.

Conversely, individuals who have lower levels of testosterone will have issues with learning and memory as they grow up. This is especially true for skills associated with spatial intelligence. Men who have abnormally low levels of testosterone will also have higher risks of developing learning disabilities in the future.

Talk To A Pro

Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, if you’ve been noticing signs and symptoms of low testosterone, seek professional medical advice right away. Doctors can conduct tests for proper diagnoses and recommend medications to improve the testosterone in your body.

The earlier you seek medical advice, the sooner you can achieve normal testosterone levels.